232nd AIF personalities

Characters in the platoon -
Platoon Delta Company Foxtrot Able Battallion 232nd ANZAC Regiment.

Lt. "Bluey" Smith - no one knew his actual name except for perhaps Commissar Ryans until he was promoted from the ranks to Lieutenant and now the men only know that his last name is Smith. Smith  is one of the most common names in Auztrailia.

He is massively built even before the bionic arm replacement he was well know for his feats of strength, as well as his borderline insubordination and highly accurate fire from his heavy bolter. He has red hair and a bionic eye and has a height of 6ft 6in. 

Both bionics were a result of the fight for the prometheum refinery which exploded in the middle of a fire fight with an Ork Mek on the planet blah. All of the surviving members of the command squad have multiple bionics, except for the attached psyker who was in the command Chimera at the time. 

Lieutenant Smith is know to be among his men as laconic bastard, he looks after his men but will have a smart remark to deflate both subordinates and superiors this is a very fine line particularly as Commissar Ryans is watching him and the command squad, like a hawk. He has just been promoted to a full Lieutenant after leading 6 under strength platoons away from a crashed transport deep in enemy held territory after Commissar Ryans was incapacitated and all officers died in the crash landing. He accounted for many renegade imperial guardsman and xenos Orks as well as 2 Chimera transports and 2 Ork Fighta-Bombas and captured an enemy officer by disabling a 3rd Chimera.

Commissar Ryans - is acknowledged as a stern disciplinarian as Commissars are. He comes from the scholar progenium on Britland and Diggers don't normally like Pommies however he has earned their respect for his inspiring words and his unflinching devotion to duty and a sensible policy of not actively looking to make trouble for the men for which the Diggers appreciate immensely, however if he does catch them doing something untoward  will prosecute them to the full extent of the regulations. For example he caught two troopers sleeping in a briefing and gave them 20 lashes each. If he as a fault, it seems that he has a limited understanding of tactics and has a great capacity to receive a hideous amount of damage. Most of his platoon think that he probably wouldn't need this capacity for damage if he didn't charge straight in and engage in close combat with Ork Nobz by himself on top a moving Chimera... More than once... No one doubts his courage and his his inspirational motivations... Buuut...  It's now hoped that with Bluey commissioned he can reign in the Commissars enthusiasm.

Staff Sgt. Von Luckner likes mechanical things and a good driver however there is a problem, he is assigned to a light infantry Regiment which doesn't have it's own integral mechanised support. He likes tinkering with his gear and is quick to offer technological solutions to any problem. Such as building the rafts to escaped the orbital bombardment on the moon Aeyras. Like Bluey, he too has a smart mouth but doesn't direct it towards anyone. He is a Keewee, but the Diggers don't hold that against him.

The Psyker - he a bit odd but he's psyker so what do you expect? He assists the Command squad with the practice of some sort of divination. He is also very good with throwing frag grenades. Hushed whispers from the troopers around the camp fire about his skill withe the grenades, most of the time he has one or two extra grenades on him given to him by respectful troopers.

Sister Mary Dunn is an Adeptus Sororitas of the Ordo Hospitaller was found in an Ork Slave Camp on blah Planet. Whilst LT.Smith was breaking in she lead a break out and has been attached to LT. Smith's Command Squad ever since. She is a first class chirgeon whilst in the slave camp she kept everyone as alive and healthy as she could under the most primative of conditions. As all Adeptus Sororitas she is very pious and scary... very scary.

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