Excerpts from Lieutenant "Bluey" Smith's Diary

Please not dont read this if you intend on playing the Fantasy flight Only war scenarios out of the books there be major spoilers.

“Bluey’s Diary
Sometime late 793.M41 Moon Aeyras
We’ve been ordered to clear out of the sector. It’s going to be a tough march, not to mention the enemy forces in the area. Got to get to a safe zone before the orbital bombardment hits.

Ran into another Commissar, ours Ryans, along with my heavy bolter put the steel back into the wannabes Pommies, they certainly whined like Pommies, if only they could build boats it will be sweet. Picked up some officers from a downed Valkyrie. They didn't like the pace we were setting until we pointed out the realities of what would happen if we didn't continue the (for them) brutal pace.

We made it and saved a city not that we got acknowledged for it the Colonel who we saved got the credit how unusual...

Sometime Early 794.M41
Skyrene has see some better days. Somebody is going to have to fix that runway we landed er crashed on. With that hot landing with the engines nearly blowing and landing in a fire fight, it was a good fight. my heavy bolter took care of most of the fething greenskins but having the Commissar charge in like that limits my effectiveness I wonder if I can learn to shoot into close combat? By the throne, that Psyker, he sure can throw grenades.

Several Days later...
Boy those Brontian Long-knives are hard cases, good fun and handy to have in a fight... Oh Feth we’ve been called into the CO’s officer this can’t be good...
I was right we have to go to a Prometheum Refinery 800 klick away to find out why it has stopped reporting, and secure it again. One Chimera full of ANZACs vs a feth load of Orks at a refinery seems fair to me.
We were “held up” by some natives, we bartered some food for their navigation skills, and they sure needed the food more than we did.
We watched a Valkyrie take a plunge in the jungle; they may have been Pommies Stormtroopers but no one deserves to die like that, we rescued the four survivors and proceeded on after killing so camouflaged Orks I didn’t realise they used camo... 
I was wrong it wasn’t at all fair but I like fights which we don’t lose anyone. We cleared the Orks out barricaded the gate and now we wait. Naturally reinforcements are unavailable for the time being.
Several months later
I’ve finally woken up I have a bionic left arm and a bionic eye and no hair anywhere. I seem to remember getting shot a great deal by some ork heavy weapons only of them hit but hurt. And the some sort of techie ork threatening me to leave the refinery or he would blow it up. So I shot him with two bursts from my heavy bolter before he went down don’t remember anything after that. 

Some time mid 794.M41
So we got a briefing that our next planet was going to be a light garrison duty with a minor human disadents. Sweet we thought, nooooo problem.

Our lander was shot down not by humans but by Fething Orks which no one bothered to mention in the briefing. We crashed onto a mountainside Commisar Ryans survived but barely functioning leaving the senoir surviving Officer/Non Commissioned Officer as Me. Oh yeah we crashed not real onto a mountain but really into a mountain and through it into a cave system full of you guessed it Fething Orks. Not to mention a captured titan sized Imperial Vehicle that we found out later was called an Ordanatus that was being Sgt Von Luckner estimated we had not enough demo to blow it in place so I regretfully withdrew from the cave system killing as many filthy orks as I could and detroying an underground airfield.

We then encountered a so called inquistor and party under the rebels colours the so called inquisitor was scared of us and then it went down hill from there, we handed over the bodies for investigation when we reached an imperial outpost half a continent away from the rest of the regiment.

However before that we made contact with imperial forces on planet and were subsequently ambushed by rebel forces. We lost one chimera and came away with two new well slightly used chimeras.

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