Sunday, June 5, 2016

30K here we come

It's been awhile and I have put a challenge to myself one that I'm not sure can be done by me at this time. There is a horus heresy tournament going down on next saturday and Ive got nothing painted and as I type this I have two more tanks to put together. So the challenge is...

 Can I assemble and paint an 2500 point army in 5 days? actually to be fair I have most of it uncoated black and not to mention it's Pre heresy Dark Angels so all I need is Red black and silver for the colours. Which is the only reason I think that it is remotely doable. It's a 2500 point list with the Rite of Ironwing which means 13 tanks only 26 infantry 5 terminators and one weapons platform. Im still trying to workout how Im going to transport it. Damn 13 tanks take up alot of carrying space. Better get cracking

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