Wednesday, June 8, 2016

30K here we come part 3

Getting into the last 2 days of the challenge. And I have some WIP to show and explain...

First off Recon Squad

The models themselves are a combination of the 40k Scout squad and the betrayal at calth MK IV heads. This is only the base coat The undercoat was the Army painter Black the metal is GW leadbelcher and the red is GW Khorne Red and the grey is medium sea grey from Vallejo Air 71.049. The intention is to do one highlight and leave it at that on each colour.

The lots of tanks same colours so no explanation needed there. However the since the last post I was having chats with my mate Dan (poor sod is stuck in the back end of Indonesia) and he suggested that having a Contemptor Mortis with the Assault cannons was a good idea for air defence I did the math hammer for it and it won hands down instead of the hyperios tarantula I had if for no other reason 2 shots vs 12 adding in the tank hunter bonus for iron wing well couldn't say no... except for the fact I only had the two Contemptors from Betrayal at Calth  which didn't allow for the 2 assault cannons on the same Deadnought. The (new to me) new hand hacksaw fixed that within 5 minutes. The rhino on the far right has the radar set from the old metal Whirlwind to indicate its a Damocles HQ Rhino. The Contemptor meant I had to drop the tarantula and the third Predator bit I do feel that the Contemptor adds more that it takes away. The Vindicators and Basalisks and Land Raider are bare bones and the Predators have been upgraded with plasma executioner turrets which I mention where I got here

The Land Raider is the Dedicated Transport for the Termintors and the other three rhinos are the dedicated transports for

My potshot from the hill today is What do you think of the Iron wing Rite of War?

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