Monday, June 6, 2016

30K here we come part 2

You can read about my initial enthusiasm here 24 hours on and some brief naps in my hobby chair I haven't slept much maybe about 4 hours in total and there is some W***KER smoking nearby which I cant get out of the house which also makes me not sleep. But I have progressed...

Unfortunately I made a call to my bestie and discovered he needed  urgent babysitting for a trip to  the hospital for his partner so I rushed down to his place an hour via public transport. to discover that the partner had changed her mind about the hospital and they would go the next when the kids were in school. Then that left me without hobby at the other end of town. I persuaded bestie that it really was urgent and he drop me home, which he did eventually I lost most of my enthusiasm in the I think six hours I spent stuffing about tooing and froing with a large side order of hurry up and wait. Le sigh.

So when I sat down to actually do hobby I was cranky and then made the mistake of trying to build a basalisk ugh the tracks were the old type I have no idea if there is a newer model than the brand new in shrink wrap the date on the sprue was 1995. The tracks sucked and they didnt go on properly so at the end on the build I bodged some spare track into the gaps and you cant tell unless you're really looking. Also due to the absolutely crap instructions I effed up the wheel to raise and lower the barrel. So its a floppy barrel.

Edit I now have had another 3 hours sleep which I think puts it to 9 hours in 48. yay go me.

The predator was a joy in comparison as I had put together a fair few new type rhino chassis in the last year of so... remember I cut my teeth on the original rhinos that went together just fine. But then I was torn what to do about the turret.

When I was initially planning this list for the tournament  I was only thinking 2 predators with execution plasma cannons and orders the turrets from Ebay a month ago. They came in from the US intact unlike the Super heavy turret which I''l get to in another post and I think they look great. but I as I was playing around with my list I felt that only 2 predators didn't give it enough redundancy (to get the BS 5 on the tanks you need to have two remaining in the squadron and they are relatively cheap coming in at 110 points.) But that meant I didn't have enough cool turrets from my predators. I the end I went with the basic autocannon turret magnetised so it can take any weapon system, which I need to take pics of and show the world because all the magnetisation I've seen of the pred turrets online is really fiddly my way is sooo much better and they cry its not a plamsa turret they can eff off.

So now both are built Im now procrastinating after undercoating everything, trying to summon the painting mojo

My potshot from the hill today is What is your favourite tank to build?

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