Friday, March 18, 2016

Dark Angels 7th edition

My first response was ....

Wtf did they do to my beloved 6th Edition codex because the first thing I noticed was the fact that Deathwing Venerable Land Raiders were not a thing any more and that Azrael and Samael and Belial dont make anyone troops any more I felt gutted. 

But then I was able to read the 7th edition rule book and puzzle out the new formations and detachments and so my final conclusion was that the book had improved things across the board and in the process lost the ability to Bonewing only and Venerable Land Raiders (Blood angels lost their Deep striking Land raiders in 7th ed so commiserations) which I both hate.

However the perks are substantial  Grim resolve got alot better by adding BS2 to overwatch shooting and somethings going all the way up to BS4 for overwatch. 2 editions later than I said in my blog the heavy support vehicles can be taken in threes and get epic bonuses for doing so. Now just to buy the models.... sigh

Dark Talon got a boost to its main gun with with St10 ap 2 and a chance to vortex... sweet I now actually have one and intend on taking at some point soon after I build it and paint it.

Oh the other thing that really annoyed me was that Azrael whom I was so sweet on in 6th has been made a Lord of war choice... WTF not on the same scale as a titan or a thunderhawk. Not Happy Jan! and Belial still sucks and Samael rocks. His landspeeder while it's not called vector strikes....  its vector striking with D3+1 st4 ap2 hits. His landspeeder is still BS5 tl heavy bolter and tl Assault cannon 14 14 10 but gets the iron halo 4++ invun.... not complaining at all. His jet bike is the same as before, BS 5 stormbolter and Hvy plasma gun which he can fire both in the one round of shooting. The only things Azrael got better was the yes the helm 4++ invun works on the transport he is in and +1 to seize the initiative.

Deathwing went down in my estimation the formation is what they were before 7th ed and ravenwing and greenwing got all the love and are totally better for it. Particularly the Lion's blade strike force *tm* where everyone gets BS4 overwatch shooting and if you have a full battle company of green wing, coy. master chaplain 6 tacs, 2 assault and two devastator squads all your dedicated transports are free which you will need as you will have precious little left out of 1500 points.

This Codex has alot of nice synergies between all three wings greenwing, Bone wing and black wing and to get the most out of it you really do need to play triple wing to get the most out of it. However the best bit is the fact that you don't have to play it one way all the time. It is a very flexible synergy I feel and should provide lots of enjoyment until the next codex. Is it competitive? I dont't know as of yet I've only got one game under my belt and was hammered flat due to dice rolls and only 500 points so there wasn't much variety that you can squeeze into 500 points.

While not part of the actual codex the Librarius Conclave formation is hilarious and lets me use all those librarians Ive been collecting from the Dark Vengence boxset Ive been picking up it doubles the range of the Dark angel primaris power and the librarians can access each others powers.

My potshot from the hill today is What do you like about your current codex?

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