Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Circle of life

So we are as of writing this sometime later today we will be starting the second Malifaux campaign I'll be doing ten thunders again, I still haven't decided on whether its going to be Yan Lo crew or stick with Misaki... But this is not the big news of the first post of 2016... ugh...

I thought I had kicked the habit when Infinity came along... I'd been clean for over a year and half and Lanky said oh well we have all these miniatures we should have a slow grow... 40K campaign...







And they have to be full painted.. Ramskull went oh ok easy Necrons, base and a wash and you're done Lankey is going Death Korps of Krieg, base and a wash and you're done. Not me I'm going triplewing (Dark Angels if you've just joined us) so three entirely different colour schemes

Though this list is only greenwing and it uses the new core Force Organisation Chart which is just the old FOC with wins for securing objectives because the base Dark Angel one leaves about 60 points for addition things in 500 points including heavy and special weapons. this phhoto is old as they've been all based coated and had more colour on them and the Predator tank has been under coated and base coated too. Oh and in the list I changed out the heavy bolter sponsons for Las cannon ones because I felt I need more firepower. and I can do that as the entire predator is magnetised so it can go from a Rhino to a full blown Predator annihilator yay magnets.

I have another list which is the Ravenwing FOC but not yet made up of Samael on bike and 3 ravenwing squads of three with 2 melta guns and melta bombs Im yet to find my black undercoat so no progress there other than Samael is assemble and looks awesome.

Remember way back when... I bought a lot of space wolves? Specifically for the vehicles to convert them into righteous Dark Angels?


Don't have any before shots of the Chaos Rhinos but they came up alright too with the a cunning magnetised twin link Las cannons and Assault cannons for Razor back goodness as well as Rhino goodness if you look hard enough you can see some of them.

So Ive been hobbying me arse off of late, so my potshot from the hill today s on your hobby table at the moment?

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