Monday, August 10, 2015

Since my last post the world has gotten a little crazier

Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) as we knew has gone not to be coming back a skirmish game called Age Of Sigmar (AOS) has "replaced" it and after promising my self I would NOT get into any more systems or armies....

No I didn't jump into AOS and at this stage unlikely to the miniatures do grab me and no one else in my sphere of peeps is interested in doing so. Ash from Guerrilla Miniatures almost had me last night on his latest Piece of ash you tube episode where he described how he was running AOS and it appealed to me immensely. However the problems time, money and players kinda.

Imperial Assault from fantasy flight games has been hilariously fun, its a board game and skirmish game with a campaign system best of all my investment has been $0 as somebody else (for once) coughed up for all the pretty pretty paraphernalia. Also playing at my next door neighbors apartment is also a win it really is quite a change having to spend $0 and zero effort on getting to the place of gaming normally I drop a lot of money as evidenced by by my previous posts and having to bus to gaming with heavy loads every week.

I accidentally got into Bushido in the last while Ive been eying off the very pretty miniatures since wave 1 way back when. I picked up the monk faction pretty much because of the the female Kitsune (fox woman) and haven't regretted it yet. :) its Japanese based fantasy skirmish game and pretty did I mention it was pretty? Also cheap as a starter and a couple of blisters will get you going looking at less than $100  to start playing.

Also I had been eying off Mirage 5 in the Infinity because they remind me of the lead pair and obviously based off from the anime Appleseed franchise...
But they were not Pan-O my faction of choice, in fact, they are from the French Sectorial of the Ariadna faction the Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne so you can see what's coming now right? yep for the Slow grow I am running now up at Gamagori I am running a Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne which plays hell different to my PanO and these two are the centre piece of the team as they should as they are usually a 1/4 of the points and a 1/3 of the SWC I've been painting away at my PanO and FRRM haven't finished any thing but I'm getting there.

Which brings me to the to what came out of Corvus belli at GenCon for me it was an up and down affair Yay Tikbalangs amd Uhlans well at least concept artwork and a notification that they will be in boxes of two like the nomad geckos which I really like as I am going to have to buy 2 boxes any ways as  I am going to want to play 2 Uhlans and 2 Tikbalangs in the Sectorials. Then came the announcement that the Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne was not coming out with the the update to Human Sphere N3 so oh bugger and in its place will be the USariadn Sectorial.... To be honest I had already preordered the USariadna Starter box prior to finding out at GenCon that it was going to replace Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne I had initially bought it so I could use some of the miniatures to proxy as different  models for Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne and now I will probably collect USariadna in its own right and use them and the FRRM to play Vanilla Ariadna.

Speaking of human sphere what we got out of the GenCom Seminar of Corvus Belli Im ok with it pushing back Acheron falls (next new book) I suspect until late 2016  but they could hammer it for Gencon next year but I think they will do another starter set like the Operation Icestorm or  like this year the USaridna Stater box and hopefully Human Sphere out for Christmas for 2015 either way Im looking forward to the next year and a half with Corvus Belli.

Oh I may be interested in FoW Team Yankee stuff (cold war gone hot).... and Bolt action plastic fallschirmjäger

The Potshot from the hill this time is, What are you looking forward to for the next year in gaming and did anything good come out of GenCon for you?

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  1. You can still play the Merovingians. They just won't be getting a rework until Acheron Falls, in which it will be a significant revamp of the sectorial.

  2. You can still play the Merovingians. They just won't be getting a rework until Acheron Falls, in which it will be a significant revamp of the sectorial.

  3. sorry I did know that :) and was implied in the blog but not said out right :)

  4. Love Mirage-5, although for my own take on Deunan & Briarios I tried using the N3 Ltd Edition Authorised Bounty Hunter (hey, he has the ears) and the Anaconda Squadron to represent Deunan in her Guges. Not perfect, but scratches that itch for me :)
    And as for the MRRF getting bumped to Acheron Falls, my hope is that Carlos' mention that they want to make the "Rapid" part of Merovingen Rapid Reaction Force more meaningful might mean something like more Mechanised Deployment options, or perhaps allowing you to build your own Mirage teams? Hell, imagine if Margot & Duroc got the Duo Fireteam ability they were talking about. The link would make Duroc Regular I believe? Which A) is helluva fluffy representing Margot's affect on him, and B) gods-damned terrifying to imagine popping up on the battlefield....

    1. that's some very sweet ideas I was actually holding my authorized bounty hunter yesterday wondering what to do with him and now sold on that idea,