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Infinity List building guide and model purchases for new players

Pretty much counter intuitive to any other war-gaming list building exercise because the first and best advice for any new or even old hand infinity players is play.....

with the miniatures the you like the look of....

The problem with that is.... most of the Infinity range looks good to fantastic but its a good start. I'm not going to get with specific factions as I know PanO very well, Nomads and MRRF passing well and can possibly hum the tune of everything except Tohaa simply for the fact I've never played or played against them. However, playing ITS (Infinity Tournament System) Leagues, Tournaments or Campaigns all factions and sectorials (sub factions) have to conform more or less to certain guidelines to be successful with the ITS system. Army builder V is free and online at the Corvus Belli Website.

Got to have a Lieutenant (LT)
Unless you're in a slow grow league first 2 rounds you're always going to need a LT. They can range from low point cost light infantry to high point cost T.A.G.s and it doesn't matter which you use it really depends on your play style,  of course there are pros and cons to any LT. The cheap ones are easy to take down but also easier to hide. LTs inside a link can be good for hiding the LT but Link teams come under a lot of fire which can lead to an unexpected loss of LT which is less painful that in N2 but still very painful unless the rest of your army has Veteran Skill (unlikely). Putting the LT as a Heavy Infantry or T.A.G. gives the LT a lot more endurance especially Remote presence T.A.G.s which get a second unconscious before dying. Not to mention you can really use the LT order to good effect, with a heavy infantry or T.A.G. but that does mean you paint a big target on your LT as soon as you spend that LT. order as your LT becomes open information.  Pro tip you can't make a T.A.G. prone.

You also have to have a High Value Target (H.V.T.)
there are plenty of HVTs out there pick one or use a model from your army not currently being used

Next you need to be able to prevent the opposition from stopping you from reaching your objectives.
This means normally taking special weapons and killing the opposition. This varies greatly from faction to faction and not going to get into it. Other than you want weapons that have that a +3 between 24 and 40 inches so HMGs Sniper rifles, Missile launchers and heavy Rocket Launchers. At the end of the day the game is not about killing the opposition it is about getting to and completing your missions. Link teams help with order efficiency and lethality if you stuff the link team full of SWC, also total reaction helps prevent the opposition making their objectives.

Don't get me wrong killing can help a lot however I've been on both sides of the coin where one side puts the opposition into retreat in the first turn the opposition has their go, gets one objective point and wins the game by retreating.

What I will get into is the other ways of preventing the enemy preventing you do your objectives. AD jump troops they cant shoot you if they can't shoot you and if you want to get a better chance of dropping them into the right place you use a hacker (already on the board) with support ware to give it a +3 to your PH roll.

Smoke be it normal smoke or Zero Vis smoke if they can't see you then they can't shoot you, blind grenades also do the trick

Speculative fire weapons such as grenades, grenade launchers, smart missile launchers again if they can't see you they can't shoot you.

Getting to the  objective unseen and/or sooner than later Camouflage Infiltration and Mechanised deployment help with this.

Finally you need mission specialists to be able to do the mission required
Hackers, Engineers, Doctors, Paramedics, Specialist and Forward Observers are currently in ITS 2015 are the Specialists that can manipulate objectives. My suggestion is to take one of each at least as you have secondary classified objectives which are random and you ought be prepared to to do any of them otherwise you are tossing objective points away. Hackers can mimic Forward Observers but you have to have the Hacker close enough to be able to use the hacking program where as the Forward Observer can to it at long range but you do need Line of sight (and get shot), of course the Hacker can use repeaters to do it without LOS. Paramedics are the poor man's Doctor but you can get a lot more of them that Doctors but if you can pony up the points use the Doctor.

At the end of the day there are pardon the pun an infinite amount of combinations of how to do things Infinity. There really is no one right way of doing things, so play with the models (within the Faction or Sectorial) you like the look of and have an awesome time.

The Potshot from the hill this time is, Did I miss something?

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