Monday, June 1, 2015

Build it and they shall come... at least that's the hope

I'm in the middle of a modelling project which is to say...
I'm building all my and Ramskull's Infinity terrain its all Micro Arts Studio District 5 series. When I first got my hands on MAS products you can read about it here and while the end product is still fantastic and construction has gotten easier its still going to leave you bruised.

I'm 2/3rds through the 4th of 5 three story apartment blocks which is going to have the great effect on our N3 tables of height and blocking line of sight. Various garages, objective rooms, watchtowers and garrison buildings will add up to a great terrain table, I hope.

I still need to work on the scatter terrain. which I have various vehicles including a kickarse helicopter to futurise, or at least de-child's toy them. Its hard finding 28mm scale toys or something close to it. Scouring $2 shops sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

Terrain isn't the only thing I've been doing I've put together most of Ramskull's Yu jing there are few pieces left to do and then there is my collection which is growing in leaps and bound Ive managed to stick to growing my Pan Oceania I spent the last 2 weeks surrounded by lots of white metal. This weekend has been spent surrounded by lasered wood.

Not neglecting my flames of war terrain. I bought the official town roads, 2 thumbs up. I bought the official Italian vineyards 2 thumbs up I bought various official houses and the official European cathedral all them 2 thumbs up... I bought the Obstacles box with  3x minefields and 1x tank trap 2 thumbs down not impressed with the amount or the price of $50. Ive just done some snooping around the Flames of war website and all the defensive obstacles are the same quantity for the same insane price. I could have bought 2 houses for that price and done an almost as good job scratch building them. That said I now know what size to build for my scratch built ones which will cost me infinitely less. I guess my real gripe is that the the price compared to the other terrain pieces there is a a definite lack of physical material compared to even the Vineyards and that was 15 dollars less.

Until the start of May I didn't realize that... with care... the infinity models could be converted

Meet my Auxbot 2 and Swiss Guard hacker very excited about the Auxbot its so I can tell the difference between them and the Auxbot 1s which I also have lot of.

Not sure if Im ever going to field a 70 point hacker but hey Ive got the option to now.

The Potshot from the hill this time is, What is your favourite conversion?

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