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Campaign in Paradise

My Infinity group has started Campaign Paradiso with me running it, because we are playing different armies to the Paradiso Missions there are some changes heh... Would you like to know more?

Particulars - choose a faction. You will be able to play the faction or any of the sectorials in any given game. You must give notice to your assigned opponent prior to the game of whichever you will be fielding.

This will be a Spec ops campaign, with command experience. You will have the same Command and Control screen and Spec ops character, no matter which army you take. Both start with 0 xp. If your spec ops chacter doesn't survive a mission you may choose a different base spec ops to the one chosen previously.

Example - Nic choses Pan O and for his first mission tells his opponent he will be playing neo terra. He choses a Fusilier base for his spec ops and Logistics track. He wins the first game but looses his spec ops character the next game he decides to take a Shock Army and replaces the Fusilier with a Regular so he can use the link team capabilities. Next game he wins and his spec ops survives but he goes back to Neo Terra for the next game but his Regular can't link with his Fusiliers or Bolts.

Total war
The scoring will be done as normal with an additional bucket list which will be provided later. Maximum points per scenario will be ten.

There will be three winners, individual winner, faction winner and the Paradiso winner.

Individual winner - player with the most points.

Faction winner - faction with the most points if a faction has more than one player the points will be averaged.

Paradiso Winner - This will be a determination of whether the Tohaa/Human Alliance keeps Paradiso or the E.I. assumes control of Paradiso. Sometimes it is obvious which side is which but when the humans go head to with each other or the erstwhile allies the Tohaa, one side unbeknownst to them will be helping the E.I. cause and their scoring will help the E.I..

We won't be using the tracks we will be playing all scenarios. Where ever possible we will be using a modified narrative like in the current campaign so no matter what army you deploy you will be using the narrative. 
The idea is to have fun.

This Achievement List was swiped from mayacast podcast

Each achievement can be earned only once per player. They will gain you 1 objective point which doesn’t count towards your game total or campaign total but will be available to spend on command experience and/or spec ops character I will be keeping track of everything.
Achievement List

A well laid plan: Get a critical on an initiative roll
Afterburner: Move more than 6” with one model in your enemy’s turn (your Reactive turn)
An army of one: Win with only one model left on the board
Fire In The Hole: Kill two models with mines in one game
Bootylicious: Kill or be killed by a model with the Booty special skill
Black (or white… or grey…) Tide: Play with a fully primed army
Blindside: Blind an enemy model
Contagion: Kill 3 enemy models with a viral weapon in one game
Covering Fire!: Kill a model with a Speculative Shot
David and Goliath: Kill a TAG with an LI
Deadweight: One of your models dies without having done anything during the game (no orders were spent on the model and it did not perform any ARO actions).
Defensive Posture: Choose to go second after winning the initiative roll
Demolition expert: Kill two models with D-Charges in one game
Firewall: Successfully defend against two hacking attempts in one turn
Trauma Doc: Kill one of your own models with a doctor or paramedic
Pacific Rimjob: Kill 3 models in one turn with a TAG
Ghost in the shell: Kill a model with a Ghost:Servant, Ghost:Synchronized, Ghost Jumper L1, or Ghost: Autotool Level 1 model
Grudge Match: Play a game with a dire foe model in your army
Blackwater: Play a game with a mercenary unit in your army
Hold the line: Pass 3 guts rolls in one turn (active or reactive)
WMDs: Kill 3 models with one template weapon (Impact or Direct)
I find your lack of faith disturbing: kill a model that has the religious troop skill
I see dead people: Take a wound from a model with Sixth Sense (any level)
Painted Black: Kill 3 models that have only been primed in one game
It will not die: Successfully make 3 armor rolls for one model in one turn
It’s raining men!: Airborne deploy two or more models in the same game
Bob from Accounting, is that you?: Lose a model to an impersonator, or kill one with
Kill ‘em all: Kill all of the enemy’s models (Table Them!) Mind control: Sepsistor a model (or have one of your models sepsistorised)
Nostromo: Kill an alien model (Depending upon your point of view)
Finish Him: Kill a model with a Coup de Gras
Paint SOMETHING: Play with only one model partially painted
Painter: Play with >50% of your models painted
Paint all the things: Play with a fully painted army
That Smarts: Kill an enemy model with a smart missile/sniper in Guided Mode
Pistolwhipped: Kill an enemy model with a pistol
Predator: Kill an enemy model with a Surprise Attack
Major Kusanagi: Kill an enemy model with a Surprise Shot
Puppet Master: Possess or Sepsitorize an enemy model
Anonymous: Succeed at a Hacking Roll vs an enemy target
Short circuit: Disable Comms Equipment
Stuck In The Mud: Immobilize an enemy model
Is There Anybody Out There: Isolate an enemy model
Silver Surfer: Kill 3 models in one game that have not been painted or primed
Slice and dice: Kill an enemy in close combat
Do Not Underestimate My Sneakiness: Infiltrate two models successfully past 24” in one game
Revenge of the Nerds: Kill a 50+ point model with a 25 or less point model.
That’s no moon, it’s a space station: Suffer a wound from an enemy model that has a holoprojector
The broad side of a barn: In a BS attack, fail 3 or more rolls in a single Burst vs a single Enemy
I’m Feeling Better: Heal a model (Doctor, Paramedic or MediKit)
I Feel Happy… I Feel Happy: Heal (Dr, Medikit, Paramedic) the same model twice in one game
The Plague!!: Lose 3 models to Viral ammo in one game
Pandemic: Kill 3 models with Viral ammo in one game
The weakest link: Break an enemy link team (not if they do it themselves)
Doc Brown: Successfully repair a model
True love: Lose a model to an enemy with the i-Khol special skill
Operation Overlord: Use any level of AD three or more times in one game
Crutch/Blankie: Use the same model in every single list for the duration of the league (over 25 points).
The Walking Dead: Heal (Doctor, MediKit, Paramedic) 3 different models in one game

Prologue 1 Valley of darkness

It had been a tiring patrol, but we were almost at the evac point when the call came through "AMBUSH!" The immediate response from the LT was, "push through."
Mission objectives
Attacker  have as many friendly models leave the board through the spaceship access area. See map in the next email, "Colonial troops"  are the attacker and the defending are the "tohaa". By getting one friendly model through, they win the scenario. 5 Objective points

Defender must not let any enemy models through the Spaceship Access Area. 10 Objective points
Secondary objectives
Attacker getting less than 60 points though the spaceship access area 1 Objective point

Attacker getting between 60 and 119 points through the spaceship access area 2 Objective points
Attacker getting between 120 and 179 points through the spaceship access area 3 Objective points
Attacker getting between 180 and 239 points through the spaceship access area 4 Objective points
Attacker getting between 240 and 300 points through the spaceship access area 5 Objective points
Defender restricting the attacker to less than 59 points through the  spaceship access area 5 Objective points
Defender restricting the attacker to between 60 and 119 points 4 Objective points
Defender restricting the attacker to between 120 and 179 points 3 Objective points
Defending restricting the attacker to between 180 and 239  points 2 Objective points
Attackers may take troops with Airborne deployment and infiltration but cannot use them.

Players won't know if they are the attacker or defender so bringing two lists to the game is fine. Nor will you know your opponent untill after you make your army list time. Pretty please make lists before Wednesday.
You will be playing the same opponent next mission and the attacker from this mission will be reinforced by the models that get through to the spaceship access area in this scenario. Though both sides can play different or non sectorial forces from their chosen faction
Retreat and loss of LT. are in effect, if the attacker LT. is in the Spaceship access area then the attacker is in Loss of LT.

Results of Prologue1 Attacker is first
Verysilentmouse vs Steve P 8 -3 Shock army vs SSS Steve didnt have much luck as I tried new to me tactics of guardia del assaulto with zero viz smoke which worked horribly well for me I got a guardia del assaulto with spitfire and remote 2 knight montessas one with Spitfire and a bulleteer  heavy shotgun without the remote. Both of us didn't have their spec ops survive.

Obiwes Vs Dan W 0 - 10 MAF vs Yu Jing If anyone had asked who would win this one before the game everyone including Dan would said Obiwes alas in his third game Dan trounced Orbiwes including hacking the CA TAG and Possessing which really hurt as it was about to get over the line.
Mike L Vs Ramskull 7 - 4 Nomads vs Yu Jing the score doesn't reflect the absolute pasting Ramskull received from Mike Mike only got the Heavy infantry from his Iguana across the line before Ramskull was sent into retreat in turn 2.

The Potshot from the hill this time is, how do your campaigns work out? This is the 6th or 7th campaign Ive been involved with this set of awesome dudes and we finish the and groove ont the next one.

Commenting, Sharing, Subscribing is love.

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