Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5500 copies of Flames of Infinity

I finally got my first game of Flames of war in and we have started up Infinity again, not to mention I have been hobbying again....

Where to start Hobbying
My Flames of War Germans have begun to grow... rapidly. Starting out with the FJ core and late war Heer (Army). I now have some serious artillery and AA including some Flak 88s and 105mm and 155mm and rockets. Another deal on FB some Afrika Corps so now I have early to mid war stuff too. I have yet to build my Panthers or my extra Tigers or my mortars.... yet. Dad got for Christmas some 6pdrs and some more Churchill's which I have also yet to build. Edit... He didn't get some more... he got some Churchill's which I thought were the same as the last lot of non Sherman British tanks, apparently not as the first lot were Cromwells. I have yet to find a list that has all three in it. And very few that has two of them. argh... oh well have to by some more :)

With infinity I am in a holding pattern as I am waiting for bases for my Neo Terra army, my fusilier SWC pack (finally) and my Nomad army. Which got significantly bigger thanks to Ramskull's wheeling and dealing. I also need to put together the rest of the infinity terrain it looks amazeballs. I have taken awhile to finish writing this and the bases and the Fusilier SWC pack have gotten here and the bases. yay. However instead of paying for my share of the spoils Ramskull suggested that I make his unmade infinity models... I started out making his JSA and decided that as a bad idea as it just made me want to buy a JSA army. I have to do his aragato bikes, the rest of his Yu Jing  and Combined Army which will completely clear my debt to him... its a lot of minatures.

And I got my hands of a first edition of Angel Giraldez' 5500 Limited Edition painting book its sickeningly gorgeous and proves I need to invest in an airbrush set up. The Jean d'Arc model is much better than the other two. My 2 cents when they did another run with means it wasn't Limited edition any more? Go Angel hope he makes more books, and I'm certain that the people who didn't get one the first time are ecstatic, really not bothered that its not limited edition any more and the more people paint like Angel the better. Follow the Linky link link.

Im at the point with infinity that I can win one game out of two which is where you want to be in your gaming life because if you win every game it gets boring for everyone involved.

Flames of war I finally had a game and crushed my opponent  I'm please to say both made mistakes as it was his only third game and I think at the end of the day my dice were better than his which is to say it could have gone either way and we both had a good time winning and loosing I look to playing Thomas again.

A new shop has opened up North of the river and is only 20 mins and 1 bus ride away from me. Its called Gamagori and its filled with awesome nice people. I thank Thomas for introducing me to those peeps.

The Potshot from the hill this time is, how do you hobby systematically or all over the place like I do?

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