Monday, June 1, 2015

What's my scene?

Hello interwebs Ive been very sick these last few months of disappearance. I haven't completely neglected hobby. I may have bought a...

*cough* Space Wolf army what attracted me to it was it had the old metal Bjorn the fell handed and lots of vehicles which I can convert back to Dark Angels. Just on vehicles alone the price was worth it and then a literal bucket load of Space Wolves. So hurrah I can haz Space wolves. I think my main objection to Space Wolves where the players themselves rather than the army.

Also I have pretty much have finished collecting my Shock Army. I'm now in the middle of painting it. In my last game all my figures had at least three colours on them which hasn't happened in a long time.

I also have bought a proper PanO Army in the form of a Neo Terra Army. Which is what I'm going to field in the next campaign, probably. 

I have been playing Infinity with my gaming group we've been doing a round robin and using the campaign rules from Campaign paradiso book. You can either spend the points you get for completing the objectives on the board on the spec ops character or bonus goodies for the army.  The bonuses for army are permanent if your spec ops character dies the points are gone and you need to start again. 

My spec ops character is called Inago Montoya. This last game came down to the wire with the last order of the last turn. The epitome of a squeaker its a shame that my specialist failed his will power otherwise the game would have been 6-3 instead of 3-6. Inago sacrificed himself so that the other specialist could make it to the objective. My disastrous first half of the game left me with no baggage, which dropped my recovery roll to a 12 or less on a d20. Fortunately unlike my will power (which I needed a 13 or less) roll I made this one. And disappointed everyone in the room as I had and will continue to do so spent every point on Montoya. The guy is pretty awesome with a multi sniper rifle explosive close combat weapon bs 14 and now willpower 14, hacking device, mimetism and finally doctor. Every one thought I was crazy putting doctor on him. But I look at the spec ops as a way to fill gaps in my army. Hence the hacking device sniper rifle and doctor. Most armies only get 1 doctor and the other two pieces of kit would have cost 2.5 swc. The doctor saved my arse as the actual doctor went down second turn (saving montoya) and the montoya rescued the doctor and everyone else who had gone down and got me out of having to retreat for third turn instead almost snatching victory. 

And now on the actual topic which is scenery. I've been putting together the Micro Arts laser cut scenery. Its awesome. Once you put it together. The instructions are very simple.... too simple. It requires very careful examination of the supplied picture to get what they actually meant. The first advertising boards took approximately 4 hours. The second set took less than an hour and thats with filing every touching surface to get a better fit. The end product looks fantastic... the assembly is a massive pain litterly. All my fingers are bruised... or were bruised I've given them 2 days off and they've pulled up all right now. If it stops raining I might go and prime the watch tower, garage and advertising signs.

My potshot from the hill today was what was you biggest injury due to hobby? 

Mine was a slit in my thumb down by the join to hand which I still have and inch long scar.

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  1. You bought Space Wolves

    It's like I don't even know you man ;)