Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ice Ice Baby or perhaps Start me up

This title kinda of screamed at me as I have finally got an email to confirm that I will be getting my...

two Operation Ice-storms + plus my two Model bags from The Combat Company. For some reason my preferred shop of choice Slave to painting isn't offering Ice-storm and the TCC was offing a model bag and an O:I for lots of cheap saving me about $140 or 70 each so yeah went with TCC.

For those who've not seen all the hype Ice-storm is the new starter set from Corvus Belli for their 28mm sci fi skirmish game, Infinity. From the unboxings Ive seen its awesome aside from two starter armies (Pan Oceania and Nomads) and of course I pre-ordered so I'm getting the exclusive CSU model Corp security model that has a brief case turning into an automatic weapon, there is a play mat, 3d terrain, and all the counters needed to play, a mini campaign plus an introduction to 3rd edition which should be coming out late November.

The Beasts of war unboxing of ice-storm here has Carlos from Corvis Belli and he is very funny. Also he brings amazeball paint jobs from Angel (the studio painter for Corvis Belli) they are sickeningly good.

 So for those people who have been thinking about getting a look at Infinity the box set is a perfect entry into the game.

The reason why I mention 3d terrain is I have also acquired the Flames of war Starter set.

Bwah you say I thought this was a 40K and WHFB blog ... er technically it still is.... but my local meta as they say is not looking likely to go back to GW any time soon which is why I'm on the infinity binge at the moment.

But why flames of war you ask...?

Well that can be attributed to my father. *looks guilty* 2 years ago here I say to my Saintly Father "Daaaad you should come play table top war games with me now you're retired and stuff" *pause* "ok but I don't want to do Sci fi or fantasy I would like to do some thing that is real" I digested this information and sulked as if you noticed on this blog all I have is sci fi and fantasy models.

After researching the the pros and cons of various systems and the likely hood of getting a game in against someone who isn't my saintly father (who would have preferred American Civil war or Napoleonic which was rejected on I couldn't find people to play against and a popular enough system or dad knocked back Napoleonics for some reason) So that came back to something more modern which meant it came down to either bolt action or flames of war by far Flames of war was the most popular and I actually know people in my circles who play it. So flames of war won...

He finally got the Flames of War 3rd edition Hardback (current) for Christmas 2013 Ive been dealing with my health problems and my normal gaming to be worried about it. Then July/August or so someone advertised they were selling as complete German army on FB... yes yes my rant on the evils of FB is here. So I grabbed it, it was a good deal. Its described below.

The people I know that play FoW waved the Bolt action core book under my nose last week. I'm beginning to regret my decision of getting flames of war not because of the models (they look sweet) or the mechanics (no idea I haven't played yet). It's because of the scale. Its 15mm not 28mm which is what all three WHFB W50K and Infinity are. Which means more expense for scenery and probably more important in the long run more space to be taken up. Bolt Action is 28mm which means you can use some of the same scenery.

However I have dropped a significant amount of money on a German force for me and a Late War  British Force for dad in Flames of war. So for the time being I'm stuck with the starter set mostly non-3d terrain (and a v1 launcher). Now dad is in England for my lovely cousin's wedding and I can't check to see if his hobby train set stuff is the correct scale for 15mm. Hobbying, it's genetic. He was the one that had all the world war two books and magazines lying around for a 6 yo to read so I totally blame him for where my passion comes from.

World war 2 Table top Gaming no matter what the scale has been on my things to do list for such along time but now is really a good time (as any) to get into it so my father can keep his brain going. I suspect I will have to do all the hobby aspects, I have a Fallschirmjaeger army (German paratroopers) backed up by tanks I suspect they will be painted SS formations. Why SS? yes they were horrible people  however they were elite and fearless... oh wait they sound like space marines... I'm also inspired by the short opener in Watch on the Rhine by John Ringo where Michael Wittman stops cold the British advance of an armoured regiment with one Tiger. The American Paratroopers you get in the Starter set will be painted up as Easy Company (ala Band of brothers) The Shermans will get done in British colours for Dad's late and mid war British I didn't realise that the British had Shermans in the late desert war only from Italy onwards so I have actually learnt something.

So this time the Potshot from the Hill is What games you want to try out or play more than you have been.

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