Friday, May 9, 2014

Shock Army of paintedness.

Sooooo it been a while again. My last post attempted from my phone with photos of hobby failed and doesn't even want to be touched. Sigh. But hobby has been happening. 

I suck at undercoating and I got my friend Wes to undercoat most of my Infinity Shock Army. Which has spurred me to paint the army I was going to use this last Wednesday at Infinity night. I'm not going to mention what's in my army as we didn't get to play. But I did get to play Ramskull with his EI with the weeks scenario. It was ugly for me. My list and tactics were based on my actual opponent's army and the scenario. EI have a few wrinkles in their list that I hadn't considered like access to 2 total reaction HMG drones. Ouch.  Most armies get access to 1.  What this means is that in my active turn two enemy units firing heavy machine guns with full burst.
Actually now I think about it things could have been done better like sighting my heavy weapons better I set up second and then when I did get  my first go I should have suppressed the drones before committing to my rapid manoeuvres TM. Typing it out and looking it pretty obvious that I totally should have. Mistake which cost me 15% of my army.
I'm getting sick of being ninja'd with monofilament. Again I haven't played EI much but I've read the fluff of the ninja like capacity of the army. Monofilament means if you get hit by it no matter how much armour and wounds you have, 60% chance of dying not even just unconscious completely and utterly dead. Sad panda. Ninja'd cost me 16% of my army and 1 SWC.
Need  to work on how to stop getting ninja'd. But nothing comes to mind as my army is low tech (I use the term loosely as Shock Army is still Pan-O and has access to some cool shinies.) , in comparison. Like no lvl 2+ multispectral visors (being able to see camouflaged units)
Ok I'm out of the peak hour traffic and approaching my only war game so it's time to end for the moment.
The potshot from the hill this week is I hate getting ninja'd what do your army's not handle well?

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