Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tripple wing part 2

 This one is a bit different to the last one. its more flexible still built around the base of the Dark Vengeance Box Set, with more oomph.

1850 Pts Dark Angels triple wing

Aegis Defence Lines with Icarus Las Cannon


Librarian - Level 1 Divination; Force Sword; Digital Weapons; Auspex; InfraVisor; displacer field

Deathwing Terminator Squad of 5 - 1 Chainfist; Assault Cannon; 

Tactical Squad of 10 Plasma gun; Plasma Cannon Sergeant - Power Sword; Combi-Meltagun melta bombs

Ravenwing Bikers squad of 8  2 Meltaguns Sergeant; Power Sword Combi-Meltagun melta bombs

Ravenwing Attack Bike - Multi Melta

Land Speeder - Assault Cannon; Multi Melta

Devastator Squad of 5 - 4 Flakk Missiles (for Missile Launcher); Missile Launcher Sgt with melta bombs and combi bolter
Land Raider Redeemer - Dozer Blade;  Melta gun

Dreadnought - Power Fist; Twin-Linked Lascannon; Heavy Flamer; Deathwing with Drop Pod

 Design notes
The base thinking can be found here. The obvious additions are the Drop pod Venerable dreadnaught and the Land raider.  The Redeemer is for horde killing and marine equivalent with its ap3 flamers, also for transport either for the death wing or the tactical squad, yes I realise that putting a tactical squad in a land raider seems odd but it can devalue the Land raider as a priority target as it's "only" a tactical squad. Even with the 350 more points I had to scrimp somewhere to get the points for the Land Raider and the Dreadnought with Drop pod so the veteran sgts went as well as the second tactical and the rhinos. I feel that this is a more flexible formation and can put a lot of fire power into the oppositions frontline in turn one and two with the various combos of ravenwing, deathwing and deathwing dreadnought with drop pod. One additional thing that I have addy to the libby is digital weapons to reroll a wound which could be important for instant kill force sword.

So my potshot from the hill is not happening this time as I need sleep.

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