Monday, March 10, 2014

To infinity and beyond!... No literally...

Hi I'm back after a looooong break. Holy wowsers its been almost six months. I blame anime and possibly having a life, that life is now over... no don't ask and so I'm back. But different!

One of my gaming groups... Specifically the miniatures group stopped and had a break after the last Fantasy Battle campaign in which my team won woot  but in late January they started up again... but not 40K or wfb (sad panda) instead Infinity Tis a completely different beastie, every thing really like a long game goes for the maximum three turns and very possible to loose on the first turn. At the moment it is a purely infantry sci fi skirmish game and I am totally enjoying it. The group started an escalation league and I had no miniatures so borrowed some PanOceanian which I discovered to be Shock Army of Acontecimento, lost my first two games which put me at the second bottom on the ladder but now have won my second two which took me up to fifth out eight. I'm now waiting on my now posted order from Slave To Painting over the last month Ive dropped $250 odd dollars on this (new for me) game and I have pretty much all my army's options... Well I could drop another probably a couple of hundred on drones/bots and TAGs (TAGs are the dreadnaught equivalent but two out of three of my army's tags don't have models) By the time I have assembled them I will have over 700 points big game is 300 points. So relatively its very cheap to get into and the models are so pretty.

However this is only one of the four sectorial armies for PanO which means all of the models can be used in a purely non sectorial PanO army and some can be used in the other Sectorial PanO armies. So using the Shock Army as a based I can build a fair few other army of PanO. That said if I drop some cash on more infinity armies it might be a Japanese Sectorial for Yu Jing or maybe Aleph who knows.

All the rules and lists are online the Army builder is online but is flash based so IOS have to suck it. All the rules are in three rule books that's it! The big problem with this is that you have to go scouring over 3 books to find all the rules or try and find it on the infinity wiki. Which brings me to the second problem of that the rules weren't written in English to start with (originally Spanish) and that has lead to some arguments and then we are finding the answers to our queries in places you would not think to look.

But all in all its a great game fast paced (4 games in 4 hours) and brutal and very cheap (compare to say Games Workshop where for a starting 2000 points you'd be looking at 500 to 750 at least for a new army)

Im not one of those people who will toss away GW like a used piece of tissue Im still doing GW stuff Im now running an Only war campaign myself and Im in a 3-5 DnD game in the Warhammer world.

The Potshot from the hill this time is, what other game systems have you been eying off?

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! Sounds like an interesting game. I haven't seen a game of it myself so I might need to ask around and give it a bash.
    I have been eyeing off two kickstarter games that are inbound soon. Kingdom Death (KD) and the Aliens Miniature game. KD looks like nothing I have ever played so I'm looking forward to that one. Aliens looks very much like Space Hulk or Space Crusade - but with all the character of the original sci-fi movies.