Saturday, September 21, 2013

The evils of Facebook compared to the evils of Ebay

And they are not really evil... unless you considered how your wallet feels after a... um... proactive session of shinies acquisition.

I've had some great deals from both Ebay and the trading pages from Facebook. The latest one is for 30 pounds posted (say $50) 4 rhinos and a dreadnaught, ooh yeah I only had 2 rhinos transports before and now having 4 more gives me my desired mobility for future games DA games. I knew one was damaged when I got it yesterday that I'd have to do work on it. I missed the fact that three of them were chaos (yeah get the jokes out of your system about DA and Chaos.) So after about a half hours work they are dechaotified (yes that is a word) mostly I probably need to file a khorne symbol down some more and anything else I can cover with DA bling ... I have a lot of it.

Anyway Ebay and the FB trading pages are evil... so the damaged rhino needed a front. Hmm ok I can go on ebay and find one... found one bought 1  That compartment hatch looks like it could come did...Hmm ok I can go on ebay and find one... found one bought 2  as I know another one is coming with no top hatch too. Ok I know I can get turrets and razorback/predator top hatches as well. Hmm ok I can go on ebay and find one... found one bought 2 oh wait that will need magnets Hmm ok I can go on ebay and find one... found one bought 150  hmm that front I could magnetise that and get me a vindicator front Hmm ok I can go on ebay and find one... found one bought 1.  I really need to stop looking at them. Dont think I didnt see you there Bitspudio alternate turrets but I will be back at another time for you. DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN EVIL!!!!!!!

 Thats where the Skaven and the Blood Angels came from. Im expecting anyday probably Monday six attack bikes (yes unfortunately I do have enough bike squads to use them all). Ive really been ignoring my Dark angels for a while.

Monday night I have the last game for the Fantasy campaign... I'm over High Elves really. I loves them dont get me wrong I like what the did with most of the book. but playing them solidly for 2 or is it three years now Im over them.

While I'm not quite over DA Im enjoying the challenge of loosing most of my games with guard.

I watched another game of damian vs ramskull. Due to the scenario from the CSM scenario ebook where both sides could deploy on the centre line it was a massacre with ramskull losing again.

We agreed that we were going to do a 40K campaign based off the crusade of fire with me as the Game master. I will need to do some writing about that.

So my potshot from the hill is what army are you currently sick of?

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