Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sisters are doing it for themselves

This last weekend just gone was not a successful tabletop weekend. First I played Ramskull vs his Dark Eldar and was hammered flat and then took a completely differenct army against Damian's (my flatmate) Sisters of Battle. I was allied with Ramskull's CSM and we got kerbstomped by the end of turn 2 I suspect....

That if I had taken the armies in reverse I might have not been so hammered. It was a massive learning curve for my imperial guard. Squadroning of vehicles can work in specific circumstances.. I think but Im going to have to do some (a lot of) experimenting. I need more things that can give orders (in my lists) Autocannons I've seen the point to especially against light vehicles which with D Eldar and Sisters I faced alot of them. Terrain was also a mistake should have put it back as far as possible so the light vehicles werent shooting at me in turn 2 at point blank range.

Bad list choice and not enough killy. In the first game I took an azreal IG blob army builder had a fit as azreal must be army commander but the allied hq cant be the warlord Ramskull agreed that I could take him probably because he had Eldar allies specifically for killing hq (rangers with cheesy ranger hq) I might add he failed to kill either of my hqs despite the really good attempt by the wyches.

Its a completely different feel to DA or SM yes SM are the most forgiving of mistakes where as IG are not bad deployment hindered my game particular of the blob. Weapon selection was also bad in the first game Auto cannons would have been cheaper and more shots than the Las cannons and missile launchers I took. Blob had 3 autocannons the  5 HWT 1 lascanon HWT and 4 Missile launcher HWT I hadnt made the connections that only Company Command squads have Bring it down and bastonne. Vendettas rocked both games the veterans inside not so much again needed orders like first rank fire second rank fire So maybe trial a Platoon command squad inside a Valkyrie. Due to the carrying capacity I didnt have any basalisks with me Im a thinking that would have been some good stuff. mmmm pie plate goodness.

So my potshot from the hill is what mistakes do you commonly make? Mine would be taking my eye off the ball so to speak losing sight of the objectives.

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  1. Yeah pie plates are gold!
    My regular opponents are usually the ones to take their eye off the ball LOL.
    My biggest mistake that I can make in a game it to forget to have fun. When it gets serious it gets serious! Sometimes losing sucks, but sometime it can be a lot of fun. I guess thats what i have to watch for.

  2. losing two in a row was a bit of a shock :) had fun though