Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I did hobby and it was GOOD...

Finally got some hobby in.... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oh boy did that feel good.

I have a squad finally with three colours on it hurrah, my birthday came and went. Not without acquiring more stuff bucking the current trend Atttack bikes for my ravenwing and rhinos for my tacticals. Parental units gave me some money which went on a case and that helps with my lack of carrying capacity. Im figuring I need another one and bucket loads of foam from KR Multicase. Of which I ordered another 400 slots and pick and pluck this should go a long way to sort out the over flow of Imperial Guard, High Elves, Dark Angels and Blood Angels at least in the infantry. At this point I think Im going to have to have a suitcase full of pick and pluck for my vehicles. Today is my day off from the universe. Domestic stuff today if Im lucky some hobby too.

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