Saturday, September 28, 2013

Game over man its game over.

I lied it wasn't monday night as I was really sick it was Wednesday night that my last campaign game of this Fantasy Battle campaign. It was the kind of game that you have an army list and go right this is how it is supposed to work...

in this case a high elf shooting army horde of LSG and RBTs and the Sisters of Avelorn and then of course it didn't work that way at all as the Skaven player bought the -2 to shooting banner and it didn't just last the turn it was activated... it lasted 3 turns which hammered him in his shooting phase too. Which was so funny. Yeah finally killed one of the doomwheels by knocking it off the board the other one ground its way through pretty much everything in my back line... with one wound left... My back line didn't includ the horde of LSG as that went straight down the middle and the 30 Phoenix guard and the 15 Sword Masters curled around the right and as Im writing this I'm realising  I completely forgot about the new ability of Sword Masters of a 6+ ward vs shooting. Duh it might have made a difference.

Hordes are great in thoery but then youcome up against opponents who don't do hordes and you find yourself trying to work out how to get the best frontage on or even coming in from the side against skaven. Im not convinced about them they dont seem to work as advertised.

That said they do seem to work, after a fashion, especially you do dirty things like put the dragon world banner on the horde when you know any warmachine and most weapons skaven have are magical... 2+ ward save ooh yeah... which did mean that the firepower was going to the Phoenix guard and Swordmasters and Sisters of Averlorn. The only way that he could counter  that horde was in close combat. I dont know if Ive gone through the High elf horde of spearmen(elf) math of 2 ranks attacking third for a horde fourth for extra ranks for being elf and then finally if you haven't charged that round then a fifth rank for being spearmen. I normally have a sixth rank to allow for casualties on the way in. As LSG you if you dont move you get 4 ranks of bowmen(elf) firing. I haven't seemed to get the shooting right but the formation is flexible to either allow the shooting to happen as the enemy is coming towards you or hammer them in close combat when they get to you or vice versa.

I will also mention that having thesmall 15 strong sword masters on the flank or I think next time it will be white lions against skaven to hunt and kill warmachines seems to be working out nicely. I may experiment with multiple small units of the elites SM and WL with a core of PG they still get their Always Strikes First rerolls with their +4 ward save makes them the number one unit choice in the new High Elves.

So anyway getting back to the game of which the entire campaign result rested on (like no pressure) and the I was saying how my army list didn't function how it was supposed to... But it did work enough or rather poor Greg's Skaven work less well than mine and I didnt quite table him but I did get a crushing victory out of 2000 points he had two cannons a gutterrunner unit and a one wound left Doom wheel.

And as Im writing this I didnt spend the gold I had nor the extra 100 points for being in the lead. I only spent the +20% I had for my Event this round (it really is nice being the only person to turn up from your campaign team you get to decide the events.

Which means we won team Chimera Wooohoo.

The Potshot from the hill this time is have you every won a campaign?

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