Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reinforcements arriving

Ok so I mentioned that was getting some Mordians and vehicles. I got them last week Friday from Ramskull who picked them up for me as he got some good deals on some CSM and terrain from the same bloke, arent I a good enabling friend. When I got home there was a package that was a week late from the uk...

In previous posts I have discussed the possibility of allies for my beloved Dark Angels. Guard was the top choice along with Blood Angels.... you can see where this is going... Alex the guy who gave me a really good deal on the skaven still had some Blood Angels left including a Blood Angels 5th ed codex which I hadn't been able to acquire priorly. So another great deal later I have a reasonable Blood Angels army including a dread more assault troops, sanguinary guard and the flyer and some characters.... oops...
Anyway back to the Mordians. The bloke promised a baneblade over the phone as well as what I actually got however he welched on the baneblade. As Ramskull was telling me this I did the math and decided not to make an issue of it, as the vehicles themselves were worth more than I was paying and so having the Mordians on top of that was just gravy.
The final count for the loot was paid $200 for two leman russes two hellhounds four sentinels and a lot of Mordians.... worth today approximately $1500 conservatively.... Win!!!! He wanted me to buy the Space Marines too it would be a good deal and I need more Land Raiders... who doesn't?  But welching is baaaad ok....
On the hobby front a big fat nothing is happening I tried to remedy that tonight but sleep, mood wrecked it for me.
And now I am in desperate need of foam for the imperial guard I have atleast 300 infantry and 20 odd vehicles and walkers... possibly closer to 30.
The only thing I really need to complete the IG army is Rough Riders aka ANZAC Light Horse. 28mm horses from other manufacturers have looked like ponies compared to the classic plastic unarmoured horse from GW. And eBay had not yielded any significant GW horse caches until I remembered that glade riders still used them and low and behold... bitz places sell them... problem solved.
So my potshot from the hill this time is what bitz are you short of or constantly trying to source? For me aside from 28mm GW horses its guard sized special weapons. Oh and ANZAC heads.
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