Monday, August 19, 2013

Its clobbering time.... but this time it wasnt me...

So this post is going to have several things about hobby, games and the fantasy battle campaign. It's going to be a little all over the place bare with me and follow me below the cut line.

Today I agreed to purchase some more IG... for not an inconsiderable amount but totally worth it... Im going to be so broke for the next fortnight the good news is that the infantry attached to the sale all 120 plus is Mordian Iron Guard which I will not have to convert or even better spending money to convert as they can be used as is for either Britland troops and Officers and NCOs (Non commissioned officers) and weapons teams (who are also NCOs). Then there is the Banblade and more Leman Russ' and hell hounds in short its a steal. I was buying it for the tanks as its a good deal just for the tanks the infantry are just gravy.

But this purchase delays my plans to acquire foam for my now very stupidly large IG army. that will have to be next pay which coincides with my birthday heh heh heh heh

I suspect any birthday monies acquired is going on to foam because frankly its needed than any thing else as well as foaming the rest of high elves and the Dark Angels and if I can afford it foaming the skaven and the Empire and the Orks... And maybe the new SM Codex.

Anyway yesterday my friends and I started a new DW campaign not from the campaign books and due to a terrible warp jump we have ended up 300 hundred years before we were supposed to get there. Awkward especially seeing we know there is an exterminatus due in th next 50 years or so...

Saturday we finally finished the Only War campaign book with the Ordinatus in it... I won't spoil it other than it will be going onto the diary as time permits.

Friday where we come to the title I played Steve my GM for only war, 2K his black templar vs my IG... it wasn't pretty. Despite taking three Leman russ' and a vendetta (not to mention all the infantry mechanised I was out tanked with 2 Land raiders and 3 Vindicators.

Lessons I learned orders should be given. Flyers are not immune to ground fire especially rending Assault cannons. Flyer spam might work better. Vendetta vs Land raider was perhaps lucky for me when it exploded the Land raider the turn it came on. Regimental advisers are gold. I might have to take Creed and alhream (or however you spell it) to get some out flankies. One thing I missed was my DW Deepstriking and being able to mess my opponents back line. Vendetta with Vets can do it but need more of them to do it sucessfully/reliably. I had a desire increasingly through the game to have Rough riders. I also think I needed to have more targets for the opponent to choose from again Rough riders which are totally a threat in close combat (first turn to Marine equivilient) and sentinel's which are a threat to armour.

IG are still a new army to me and I need to get used to it.

 In the Fantasy battle campaign my team chimera is on top going into the last round and so its likely we'll loose :)

No Potshot today Ive run out of brain power.

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