Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick time

It's been a while, things have happened...

LARP Chronicles have ended... none of them except Changling went the way I expected, my character ran away he was winter after all... Larp Chronicles starting... most of my creative time has been sucked up by the creative process of two new characters instead of four Im on a LARP diet in recognition of the fact that Im more into wargaming than LARP these days. Having started wargaming in 1988 and LARP in 1997 Ive been doing both for a while and there are just some things you get out of one that you dont from the other. Not to mention different circles of friends (slightly).

Since I last spoke to you all... the dice gods have hated me three games three losses including one game with highelves with the new book. (Im really hating on imperial assassins other than the fact that azrael's invunerable can't be taken out by the shield buster shot, it is not war gear.)

Our sunday fortnightly Serenity game has started up too again.

I have a new girlfriend, which dimminishes hobby time not to mention spending cash on hobby... I can live with that :)

The thing has completely slowed me down is the disappearance of my hobby bag the one with the brushes and glues and tools at this point I am about to give up and break down and just go purchase everything again, I miss hobby.

Good news is I went and acquired a relatively up to date Galaxy 3S phone which means the battery shouldn't die and should be able to take some decent pics of hobby.

I will update the IG regiment section, soonish as I will have time because our GM is going on holiday so there will be a gap to do some writing in.

Someone gave me and promising to give me more DA from the DV box as well as high elves from Isle of blood. Sweet!

Pro tip KR foam cases fit nicely in Australia Post boxes (which have handles) for about $4 gold now I just need more foam... and boxes....

I just got a bucketload of skaven for 100 pounds plus postage coming to 210 Aus and by Aus prices I reckon close to 400 Aus. I shall report when they arrive next week or the week after.

High Elves came and went not happy about the ASF going down to intiative not happy at the teclis nerf... Pretty much happy with everything else in the book no wait the +1 to casting high instead of +1 dispel is the suck as I failed to dispel twice in campiagn game by one with the new book... I will get around to a big post about the high elf book.

So my Potshot from the hill this time is what is it that you want in your next army book/codex?

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