Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dice gods

So I have played a few games since my last post and things have been looking up. I've found my hobby gear at last its been at least two months since it disappeared. Hoorah!

So I've played a few games played a fantasy battle games. The campaign game for this month was against Ramskull I was supposed to play someone else but he stepped up to proxy he whipped out his Tomb Kings. I tried a few different things with my high elves. It was ugly fiery convocation totalled powered on a 120 unit of skeletons which the miscast failed to wound my mage and only killed 2 Spearmen... and killed 57 skeletons in the first round it went off and then 30 or something the second and nineteen the third as he couldn't dispel it. Then he got charged by my horde of Spearmen and my repeater bolt throwers and archers shot everything else oh wait no carydyn on his frost Phoenix rampaged across board and the dragon princes on the other flank wiped out the catapults. I tabled him in turn 6. Things didn't go all my way the screaming skulls hit one of archer units and it broke it rallied then got charged by a scorpion then failed every fear check until the last round when they offed the scorpion.
Then for my friend's birthday I went around to his place and played 40k with my Dark Angels vs his Chaos Space Marines.  We had a good day played 2 games first one was big guns never tire and I was tabled. I took the ravenwing Knights and they were phenomenal but I still got tabled dirty chaos spawn and his khorne warlord on juggernaut turned into a spawn but too late to save my game.
Second game I didn't experiment and went with a tripple wing of usualness for me and tabled his experimental 1k sons army my multiple plasma of doom was horrific even against his 4+ + invulnerable, seizing the initiative also helped alot too.
And in other news I picked up some skaven for what amounted including postage 190 Australian worth approximately 400 Australian sweet....
My potshot from the hill this time is do you prefer new models or do you prefer 2nd hand cheap models which may have bits and missing or bad paint jobs? Me? I will take what I can get/afford.
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