Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend madness

So last weekend we changed gears and went back to WFB after 8 months solid 40K... ooh that hurt...
Friday saw me playing Ramskull my High Elves his brand new Daemons, it wasnt pretty and then I watched on Sunday Ramskull playing in our current (brand new first month) WFB campaign... Again wasn't pretty but in a different way and I managed to finish my Imperial Guard Storm Troopers, all in all a good hobby weekend... and so onto the nitty gritty...

Friday was a chance for Ramskull to test his brand new Daemons army book... wow I dont look forward to him getting better at it :) My list wasn't quite the usual army list for a though points I took a mage with life and three spells rolled throne of vines, regrowth and flesh to stone sweet huh? In my opinion these three spells are the must haves from Life as a High Elf player you don't need offensive buffs but you sure as hell need defensive buffs and getting models back worth 15 - 25 with a minimum of two is just awesome frankly. Yeah so I took Phoenix Guard instead of the usual Sword Masters and gave them Magic resistance 2 (expecting spells for a 2+ ward vs spells) and surprisingly there were no spells he was all khorne and Tzench flamers. I might take Repeater bolt throwers next time as there were some targets could have used a rbt on them. but spearmen, an eagle and for something different a white lion chariot.

I was lucky and got the charges off on his bloodtetters with my spearmen white lion chariot and eagle in second turn as I didn't want a tzench cannon up my arse. (who would?) so the daemon chariot charged into the side of the pinned Phoenix Guard who had been charged by the skull taker, the Flamers sat at the back and couldnt shoot anything (badly deploy not aggressive enough with them but he will learn and I know he will read this as I inbox my posts to him :) The unsupported Skull taker and Chariot were ground down by my Phoenix Guard and the Blood letters were ground down by the combined might the chariot spearmen and eagle. Ramskull's skill at instabilitiy tests made it a longer game rolling 3s and 2 for minimum loss or getting back all the wounds he took that combat round hurt a lot... ok not a lot just irritating. The warp chart made little difference this game or the next game and it is badly worded.

I was horrifically impressed by the flamers when the finally did shoot something (my eagle in a stand and shoot) they my white lion chariot chased them down in unlucky dice roll and so tabled him in turn four.

On sunday I went around to my friends place to watch Ramskull (daemons) and Roger (Tomb Kings) from my team vs Paul (Wood elves).

I spent the day listening to the action and building my storm troopers Bodies were mantic corporation bodies, guns were 90s Space marine bolt guns with back packs from the space marines of the same era. The heads were Tommy Brodie helmets with gas masks so they look like a cross between Elysians and death corps of Krieg I like the effect... Um their plasma guns are (looks guilty) nineties ork Plasma guns which look odd at the moment but I'm sure they will look ok when painted... I didn't have the codex when I was there and didn't realise that the stormtroopers could have three special weapons per squad which means I've got to buy more of everything (oh what a shame) to get the two squads up to spec.

The 7000 point game aside that I was listening to the wood elves had it their way for the first three turns and then things kind of shift back the other way with a vengeance and ended up a crushing victoryfor the TK and the Daemons despite the rule of the campaign the were desperate allies and couldn't share magic dice.

Both games there was a lot of rules confusion as it had been 8 moths since our last WFB games as we'd been concentrating on 40K but I think by the end of the weekend we had blown the rust off WFB

So that was my weekend (aside from Paul's birthday party and Shadowrun/Serenity at Paul's on the Friday night (yep I was at Paul's all weekend pretty much)

Oh I've acquired a very large Imperial guard army off a friend, painted and not in the Khaki colours I'm lining up for my ANZAC army so that's going to be a massive effort.

So My Potshot from the hill is what do you consider essential for larger games either WFB or 40K by that I mean unit or piece of kit?

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  1. What's essential larger games? If it is 40K and Guard, I'd say lots of men. Then after that, things that can go boom! So Manticores, Deathstrikes, Earthshakers, Medusas, etc etc.

    Those Storm Troops sound cool. You should see if you can post up some pics on your blog we love to see your mini's ;)

  2. I've been refraining as I dont have a good camera I will get there... honest thanks for the comment, love your blog too.