Sunday, March 3, 2013

To go with army A or army B...

Well it's been awhile... I thought I would catch you up on what I was doing, mainly 40k putting together my Auztrailians, yes spelt that way so not to get confused with anyone else or any other writing that I may or may not be doing for miniature companies... Along with an announcement of the latest WFB campaign in our local group. This time it's a smaller size with only 16 players. But first my beloved ANZACs...

You may remember that I'm involved in an only war campaign, we are cracking on with the written campaigns, and we are progressing nicely. We are playing a themed regiment of World War One ANZACs, hence the look out for suitable heads which are found with and Victoria miniatures, I love the new slouch hat heads with additional hats that you get on the sprue from Victoria Miniatures. But I will need to keep buying the heads because the unfolded upwards slouches are the traditional NZ ANZACs and in the "cannon" for the regiment that the ANZAC regiment is drawn from the world of Auztrailia and its large moon Enzed. I will add a page to this blog to describe the fluff for the world, our characters and the modified Imperial guard rules (house rules) which I will be writing for this. I can't remember if I mentioned this before I saw on the Beasts of War website an urn boxing of Victorian era police on penny-farthing bicycles which are going to do nicely for Rough riders.

Soooo back to fantasy battle it's been awhile.... I have a very large high elf army waiting to be played but this will be my third campaign with the high elves in two year... Frankly I'm kinda sick of playing the high elves but neither my skaven army nor my empire army (don't even have the up to date book for empire) are really in any condition to play.... I suspect I'm going to suck it up and stick with the high elves because its easiest I know what I'm doing with them finally, I do have a lot of them and if I didn't play with them it would be a huge big waste of money if I don't... Ok I've convinced myself high elves it is. Also high elf book rumoured due in a few months...

Played my friend Ramskull again 40K with missions that came from the alter of war series a Dark Angel mission which over lays an other mission which was from the CSM mission book ... brutal. Between the two missions every one had hatred and/or preferred enemy and infantry units came back on from reserve which was baaaad as all mine deep striked and his battle line was on his table edge... It was a compete grind fest. Luckily I was able to get my warlord trait bonus vp for the hunt from Belial and the partial victory 3 vp for killing (as opposed to capturing in close combat for 6 vp) the randomly selected enemy character... On another note zombies no matter how well painted sucked, coming back on and and charging pretty much straight back into close combat bogging down my close combat Deathwing. It took me five rounds to identify how to fix it with a screen of assault squad.

So my potshot from the hill tonight is how do you choose an army for a campaign?

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  1. I'm interested to see your ANZACs. What bodies are you using for them? I have played with the maxmini heads as well as the Victoria miniature ones. The issue I had was that the Maximini ones were a much smaller scale. The only thing I could get them to look good on was Forge World bodies. In contrast the Vic mini ones are perfect for 40K and have awesome bodies, weapons, equipment. The whole thing is screaming ANZAC. Why not simply re-sculpt a few with the brims unfurled?

  2. The maxmini heads do look a bit skinny, I use both Cadians and Catachans bodies as the regiment is suppose to be in light carapace armour with I use the Cadian bodies for that and then the catachan bodies for ANZACs in the Trenches in a state of undress. Yeah the Vic torso are great she gave me some with my first order as a freebie. I will be getting some more but as it is I have a lot of IG models and I need to put heads on them first before I purchase torsos. My Modelling skills with greenstuff or an equivalent is at this time sub par as you will see when the pics finally go up. I also use Mordians to represent Britland Troops (look at the regiment pages on top of blog for explanation) and if I can find a source for a similar style cap for NCOs and officers. Love your work by the way.

  3. Cheers!
    I have been going though your background fluff - it's really good! I especially liked "It" and I laughed when I read "Nobody can remember what the last two letters stand for" in ANZAC.

  4. Thanks the characters are straight from our only war campaign and the background fluff is just fleshed out from what we agreed on at the start of the campaign. There will be more coming including a modified IG Army rules set for use the regiment in a 40K game, Stats and points for the characters, and historical heroes that will make appearances as ANZAC officers, as well as some of my friends who are ex servicemen and women.