Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's about time you got here

Dark angels and their allies. Obviously Space Wolves are not going to be the ally of choice, if nothing else a fluff point of view. But allies ought to fill holes in your list, if you're aiming to win. If you're aiming to fluff, fluff away. With my ANZAC Imperial guard I'm aiming to do both.

But lets start with my other army Orks ...

 Yes Orks sure desperate Allies to be sure bur can provide a large body of .... bodies  and even larger amounts of shots, particularly shooter boys and lootas. Grot Heavy weapons  cheap and cheerful adding to the DA Gunline. Or a battle wagon for funsies. HQ maybe a mek with a shokk attack gun or a warphead and a fightabomba for even more shootiness.

Space wolves I've now had a look cheap terminators and rune priests (two for 1 HQ slot) with divination, and grey hunters in rhino outflanking, but the wolf guard don't deep strike so again gun line but wait don't score and Space wolves have no flyers. Oh their Rune priest can't cast on DA units. So I was right Space wolves suck as an ally for DA.

Imp guard can put a lot of bodies on the board for one troop choice and the same again for fast attack (3x flyers or 3x Bane wolves) and heavy (3x Leman Russ variants) but those are the obious ones....

The not so obvious is the Battle Psyker squad Soulstorm if lucky is great but Weaken resolve is the one Im looking at. you will notice that the DA new tricks drop stats so does weaken resolve specifically leadership and perfidous relic causes fear. The trick is keeping the  Battle Psyker squad alive until your Elite Deathwing  with a character with perfidous relic or Deathwing Knights can charge.... It also occurs to me that Ezekiel's Mindworm would do well with this as well.

Company Command squad for one ability Intercept reserves the games I've won because reserves didn't come on at the right time.

Space marine Codex nothing much here that we cant do... except for... Biomancy  which frankly isn't divination. However on a bike in a bike squad with null zone (enemy rerolls invunerables)  and Vortex of doom (S10 AP 1 blast heavy 1) on a bike relentless not a problem. Troop choice is going to be Scouts because of Teleport homer. Fast attack LS Storm for anti Deepstrike goodness (Careful as it messes up friendly Deep striking too or a scout bike Squadron for a Locator Beacon.

Elites Sternguard/vanguard maybe as they have unique abilities that DA don't get but they don't score normally unless you take Pedro Cantor. Legion of the Damned... look awesome sauce. (note to self paint up some legion of the damed)

Heavy support Chronus and Thunderfire cannon I might take tank and Chronus just to be different most likely a Predator Annihilator.

Blood Angels Librarians with Divination can cast on DAs, Assault squads that are troop and Deep striking Land raiders, the flyers are ok too :). I don't have the BA Codex with me but Death Company whilst not scoring wreak a lot of havoc and draw way more fire then they should.

I've mentioned Grey knights previously as allies I've not fought them at all ever or studied the Codex well enough to make confident prognostications other than an Inquisitor with servo skulls and retinue and assassin (vindicare is my choice)

These observations have not bee put into practice except for Blood Angels librarian with assault Squad and it worked.

Its most likely for the Space Marine allies I will use the equivalent DA model and/or paint the models DA that have no equivalent.

So my Pot shot from the hill is what combination of allies do you favour?

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