Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Triplewing part 1

I am part of a Dark Angels community on face book and Ive been espousing the virtues of the triple wing. And so people ask me to show them what I meant so hear we go....

I'm not going to post the point cost you should have a Dark Angels codex, elitist maybe? I may hunt for the cheapest bargain but I do purchase all my bits and pieces, ok so my Limited edition Codex was given to me as part of a swap involving a car.

So the first one I am doing is the 1500 point list. I will write the design notes after the list.


Librarian, Lvl 2, (divination) Combi weapon, Auspex, Infravision, Displacer field, Melta bombs. 

Aegis defence line with Quad Gun.

10 Marine Tactical Squad, Plasma gun, Heavy Plasma Cannon, Veteran Sergeant, Combi weapon Melta Bombs, Power weapon, Rhino. 

6 Marine Ravenwing Attack Squadron, With Attack Bick with Multi melta, 2 Melta guns Veteran Sergeant, Combi Weapon Melta bombs, Power weapon.

5 Marine Deathwing Terminator Squad, 2 Thunder hammer and Storm shields, Cyclone Missile Launcher.

5 Marine Devastator Squad with 4 Missile Launchers and Flak Missiles

5 Marine Scout Squad armed with Sniper rifles, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks, Melta bombs

Comes to 1496

Designer notes
I am only creating lists with what I have access to or can proxy which at this point means no flyers. I am working under the assumption that I don't know what I am facing opponent wise and I don't know what the mission is either. This is also why I have left Combi weapon and Power weapon instead of choosing

As I was designing this list I was swapping between Belial and Samiael to give the appropriate troop types. As you can see I finally gave up and plumped for Azrael which means I have between 5 and 7 scoring units. The trick was where to put him in the force... Genius thought put him on the quad gun in the same unit as the Devastators and the Librarian, giving the devastators a 4+ invulnerable when helldraked from upon high or otherwise assaulted from the air or from behind via deep strike. Depending what powers the Librarian gets the devastator could be suicidal to charge, Librarian an Azrael not withstanding. Having Azrael on the Quad gun leaves the Librarian to do his auspex and infravision thing, removes a point of cover and has night vision for the squad. Can we say first turn gold?

Everyone who can gets melta bombs does you never know when a vehicle may trundle past, most of who get power weapons do personal preference is  power sword to go first then power maul for non marine armies or lastly power axe if you think terminators are on the cards. Combi weapons for that extra bit of punch again personal taste normally plasma or melta, but combi flamer on bike vet sgt for wall of death or horde killing. I kept the veteran sergeants in despite Azrael for the 1+ A.

I realise that my squads are geared up and if I didn't gear them up I could have another squad or two but they wont be able force the combats if the don't have the gear (I mean kill heavily armoured units)

Tactical squad solid scoring unit capable of killing terminators with rhino capable of rapid movement. Yes I do think Rhinos are worth it.Can be split into combat squads unless large amounts of objectives. Though now you can combat squad then and fit the in the same transport flexibility is the key.

Ravenwing attack squadron there assisting teleportation of  Deathwing  and after that harassing the back line you have combat squad the attack bike. Unless a lot of objectives dont combat squad the rest.

Deathwing is there to pound the snot out anything that looks at it funny and absorb most of the focus and fire power and maybe hold objectives.

Devastator squad anti air/horde/ vehicle with the librarian and Azrael on quad as mentioned above.

Scouts hold objectives, harass, and kill monstrous creatures at long range

take the displacer field off Librarian and give scout Sergeant combi weapon and power weapon

remove scout squad and displacer field and drop in a Whirlwind/Predator/Vindicator

 Remove tactical squad and add Devastator squad with 4X Heavy Plasma Guns

So my potshot from the hill is "Do you prefer unit X spam or a more well rounded  approach?

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  1. Unit spam is good, as it gives you redundancy. But I have observered with 6th ed a well round force seems to be doing better. One trick ponies are seeming to suffer.