Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snappy Glue Smear Part 2

As promised what do I think of 2013?

The Dark Angel Codex to be balanced and people to whine assiduously that its not fair and blah blah blah and these special characters are so cheese blah blah blah... It's not like we had to put up with all the newer codexes since the last DA codex how ever many years ago with all the cheese they've contained. Combo's can always be dealt with... you have to use your brain... which is probably what the whiners are complaining about... having to use their brains.

Dark Angels to be come the new black of SM and IG armies as they will be the only ones with Flak Missiles they will become the allies of choice until a newer SM or IG codex comes out.

This year is going to be expensive for me as I have two army books coming out Dark Angels in 10 days time and High Elves rumoured to be April or May.

Xenos players are going to whine about the lack of Xenos Terrain, rumoured to be solved in the Northern Summer of 2013 or you could custom make it.

As the other war gaming companies continue to make a larger dent in the GW hegemony GW will have to start charging.

Everyone will scream in June when the prices go up.

My wargaming group will continue to order from anywhere else to avoid Australian GW retail prices.  Last year my Wargaming group spent 1800 Australian on overseas orders through me and we saved at least 1900 off GW Australian Prices. But this is for Plastics only, Finecast can only be bought here in Australia but you can buy that online cheaper here but not as cheap.

Its unlikely I am going to be able to start my Clyon/necron army this year or my eldar army that Ive always wanted.

I'm hoping that Silver helms and the Light Cav and possibly the normal chariots move to Core for the new High Elf book or some other form or core troops is offered otherwise its going to be boring with Archers, Spearmen or Archer/spearmean which are way over costed.

I'm also hoping for some Monstrous Cavalry in the highelf army book either Dragons like the Mantic or possible Lions.

My Empire, Skaven and Orks are all going to be on the Back Burner.

So My Potshot from the hill is what do you want from 2013?

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