Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snappy Glue Smear Part 1

How does snappy glue smear? I don't know I was hoping you'd tell me :) Any-ways there are 3 days left till preorder for my beloved Dark Angels, I cant help but notice that there is a limited edition DA codex which will be 90$US which means it will be more likely 180 Australian. But what do I think of 2012 just gone and what do I think of 2013? will be in Snappy Glue Smear part 2

    Both My Dark Angels and High Elves have grown in size and capability although my High Elves were neglected after W40K 6th ed came out. Dark Vengence gave me a lot of new troops which I have yet to start painting.

W40K 6th ed was much needed and welcomed in our gaming group all the games I've had were fun winning or losing. I feel that they took the lessons learned from 8th ed WFB and applied it to 6th ed W40K. Both were a win for our gaming group as they encouraged us into a massive gaming effort over the last year and a half. I think they should have been allies rules for 8th Ed WFB similar to 6th ed W40K

Tabletop Gaming continued to take up a lot of my time and sapped a lot of energy from my other hobbies such as LARPing and Anime and that's good and bad as I've become more sociable and meeting strange new people and killing their armies :) but not having as much time for my old LARPing friends.

I'm excited about my new project of the "Australian" Imperial Guard Allies contingent for my Dark Angels but that's going to be put on hold I think until I sort out the new shinies from the new Dark Angels Codex.

Plasma weaponry like bow ties are cool especially now you get an armour save.

So My potshot from the hill is what did you like about 2012?

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