Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dark Angels Codex Quibbles

Ok so I went through the DA Codex and Im now going through the Codex SM to figure out what's (I'm not going to call it wrong) different....

No attack bike squadron... I was looking forward to to adding that option to my repetoire

No Plasma gets hot save... Unless you have a standard of fortitude (FNP) with three Heavy plasma gun devastator squads.... hmmm that sound fun

While our tactical squads are cheaper the weapons are not and so it balances out unless you just take the tac squads bare bones.

Devastator Guns are a lot cheaper than Codex SM

Sergeants can't take Storm shields only Company masters can in Codex DA

no Ironclad Dreadys in Codex DA

Librarian Stats got dropped to Codex SM 

Our razorbacks are more expensive but our weapon options are cheaper to bring them back to par.

Drop pods DA deathwind missile launcher is cheaper.

Landspeeder squadrons DA weapon options are cheaper particularly the assault cannon and you can more Landspeeders in the RW squadron. Reading the rules Ive just though of a dirty (read awesome sauce) tactic combine drop pods and landspeeders and/or teminators 

I was so tired when I finished the last entry I completely forgot to take a potshot. So this time the Potshot from the Hill is whatdid and  didnt you like about the Dark Angel Codex? What should have or should not have been in there?

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