Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reinforcements Arriving Sir! part three

I'm excited, more Dark Angels 2 Veteran Squads and another devastator squad incoming and my own Aegis Defence line should be arriving this week. (Edit they did arrive I started this post at least 2 weeks ago possible up to four weeks ago along with my jump packs). I'm sorry I havent been more active but the silly season is here, and not being 100% hasnt been helping either. But onto the Reinforcements...

I spent last month a lot on KR foam, just the foam and not the cases and its all used up except for the foam for the Land Raiders I have two unmade Land Raiders and the third needs redoing from smurf  to Dark Angels. I reckon I need probably another $200 worth just to house what I have... oops I have a lot of Dark Angels.

I have built the Aegis Defence Line and half of the ten man veteran squad, including a Missile launcher and Melta gun this afternoon should finish the rest of the Vets and start on the Land Raider Crusader...

Oh my polish Slouch hat finally mad their way into my hands they'd been sitting at the wrong post office for over a month with no notifications to me not happy Jan.... But that means I got all the characters and their companions made, in the end my character was modeled off the Special Character Sgt Harker I choose to take the head off and replace it with a Slouch hat green stuff is required but I cant seem to get my Green stuff  into modeling carry case, so painting them is on hold until I find the right green paint and the green stuff the gaming group is happy with the models and Im kinda inspired to build a supporting Imp guard force for my Dark Angels with an Australian theme :)

Elite Slots dont get much thrift from me unless Im using them for a distraction but running Azreal and a 10 man squad of vets with combi plasma was funny for it killed a Greater Daemon of khorne combi plasma sure is funny. Of course I have another veteran 10 man squad with combi plasma with Storm shields at somthing 40 points a model... and Im not sure if I will be able to use them after Jan 12th (yes Codex has been confirmed SQUEE) Of course my Terminators are Troops when I take them... If my "elite" scouts had teleport homers Id take them, Im thinking about taking venerable dreadnaughts now as DA get WS/BS 5 but I have poor opinions of AV 12 and less

So my potshot from the hill is what Elite troops do you take?


  1. I take many a varied things in my Elete slots, well that is because I run a few different armies.

    My current fav is the Lootas :)

    Adding an imp guard detactment would be awesome I think, mate.