Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Never tell me the odds...

Or you could say Plasma Vs demons... Plasma won...

So I played another game against Ramskull his Daemons this time Vs my Dark Angels, 2500 single FOC I was lucky I lost half (maybe two-thirds) my force, he had one named chacter left at the end. The relic I think was uncontested as I had a non scoring unit on it (Company Veterans) So I won 3-1 Warlord Line breaker first blood to Line breaker as mentioned in the previous post combi plasmas in rapid fire range along with most of my army shot at a greater daemon of khorne and wasted its arse.

Demons are scary alot of Ap 3 weapons, The saving grace was Ramskull is new to the game and deep striked alot of units in the open and they got shot alot with heavy plasma fire one unit received 31 wounds with one of my devastator squads. He learnt alot and Im sure Im going to get hammered next time. What I didnt realise at the time you can use the Primaris Divination on blast weapons. Ooooh it's going to be fun. Having a psyker with divination on a quad gun with attached Devastator squad with missille launchers is going to get ruder

But what I really what to talk about is Rhinos, Fire Points, Plasma weapons and Tactical Squads. I'm finding (despite hull points) Rhinos are worth it. Load with 10 man tactical squad (I feel thats another post all by itself) At the moment armed with Plasma Gun, Cannon and Pistol in a Rhino. (Hi, my name is verysilentmouse and I like plasma...) Out the fire point you can snipe with the heavy plasma and plasma gun all day long and be ready to cover objectives in the late stages of the game and if one of your primary plasma has a permanent oopsy the plasma pistol is there as a back up and unlike the heavy plasma can snap fire at flyers or after moving the 6-12 inches.

It doesn't have to be Plasma and certainly after the new Dark angel codex comes out on the 12th (sahweeeeeet maaaate) Missile launchers with flak missiles. Las cannons work as well your mileage may vary with multi meltas melta guns and flamers as you have to get too close (in my opinion) to use them and your vehicle can be shot or assaulted.

Why not use razorbacks? you can for twin linked goodness but Im finding Tactical squads useless at five models they just get chopped up too easily.

So my potshot trom the hill is are Mechanised armies any good in sixth?

Actually a second Potshot from the hill is plasma worth it?

My answers to both are Im working on it Im waiting to see what comes in the new codex but Im leaning towards yes for both.

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