Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long in the tooth

I almost bought some undead vixens today even though I don't have an undead army or a nurgle army... I did buy some Mantic Corporation (I will do a reveiw of them when I get around to it.) and a second hand DA character (cough) vehicle But that has nothing to do with today's topic. Faeit212 has been banging out... well... collecting Dark Angels rumours so I dont have to trawl all the gaming sites yay and anonamooose peoples have been whinging about how the Dark Angels neeeeed a new codex....

I have a game coming up Im not going to mention whats in the army list other than to say that everything in it had a SM equivilent other than the HQ So not counting the HQ I hopped on army builder and built the same force with a SM codex.... fifty points better off as a SM BA 55 points cheaper and SW a wopping 115 points cheaper or a long fang pack with 5 heavy bolters.

I think my ratio is about winning with the Dark Angels is 50/50.... Would a new codex be nice (hell yes) but I dont think I need a new one .... check back with me after this next game in the campaign.

So the Potshot from the Hill do you use a newer Codex because it new or are you along time collector of new codex army or are you happy just to play no matter what the age of the army?


  1. I have been collecting Blood Angels since Rogue Trader. Picked up a friends Tyranid army and teh Night Brood began it's devouring. But our group back into 40k at the start of 5thed, at which point I grabbed Orks and have been made on them since. In the last few years I have started a Red Scorpions army, and with teh 6thed release of Choas Space Marines codex I will be starting (or have) a Death Guard force which I will also mirror with a Heresy era Death Guard / Dusk Raiders force.

    Back to the question, I am happy to use my codexs for as long as it takes before a new one will come out.


  2. You dont have the 5th ed BA codex do you? I saw some Ork rumours which are cool too I will post them on black swan. This post was inspired in part by poor Lankey being fed up with BT oooh I didnt do an analysis with BT

  3. I want a new Codex. Why? For two things, flyers and buyable terrain (Bastian, Ageis Defence etc). I collect Eldar and Marines since Rouge Trader (hell I have a Full Tac Squad of Original Beakies, and Scorpions are the Originals realised in 2nd ed) and frankly haven’t seen too much change. But then I wasn’t impressed with 3rd ed and me the guys I played with just kept playing 2nd ,codex, rules and all, but then I dropped the game at 4th ed but I think that was because my time was being taken up with LARP.
    I want an Eldar Flyer, I want a Web Way Portal terrain piece or a Shrine to Khaine, or even an anti-flyer weapon that isn’t VERY Imperial. Apart from that I think my Codex is Still well playable.