Friday, November 23, 2012

Lacking the Punch

Ive been sick and or busy recently. This is why no updates which is very sad. I had two games again my friend Ramskull he played necrons and I played my Dark Angels at the local GW in Fremantle.

It was interesting as both games were the Kill point missions (my first in 6th ed and they turned out to be enjoyable games for both of us.

Which is the point of the game really, to have fun. Both of us ran the same list both games though over a different board. I learnt that Kill points are a lot different to a mission with objectives. Especially with a list with suicide units a Venerable Dreadnought and a veteran Squad with combi meltas and storm shields in drop pods. I was trying new things and both tactical squads with plasma guns, cannons and pistols with rhinos were probably not the brightest things for kill points. Rhinos and the Drop pods were what won Ramskull the first game and his ability to get back up after I put them down. He won the first game 7-6.

Second game I deployed more cautiously and still lost the drop pods. both games got bogged down in close combat and my marines were found lacking in close combat I had meant my tactical sergeants to have power weapons (mace) to see how they went but somehow they ended up with plasma pistols and no power weapon which hopefully wont happen again. I scraped a victory with 6-7 in the second game.

Ramskull took flyers the troop transports, which ended badly for him as I had aegis with quad gun with a Librarian manning it. This was another new thing for me I love me some divination. With the Primaris power rerolling hits and with the first game I got ignore cover it was joy... it didn't help but did give me satisfaction.

Kill points are completely different games as you dont have to concentrate on objectives just killing stuff. (Both games I got First blood thanks to Triarch Stalkers blowing the F... up first turn)

If you dont have Flyers then you need anti flyer and until new codexes come out Aegis lines or Bastions are the only way to get it. Dark Angels don't get flyers apart from Allies. (Frankly cheaper too points and moneywise)

Getting back to close combat my tacticals and veterans werent doing as well as they should have (well at least I think especially as their was a chaplain with the Veterans.) I didnt have AP3 capable close combat weapons. This has been corrected now some of my veterans have now got powerfists and Storm Shields .... thats a 65 point model heh...

So My Potshot today is what close combat weapon do you like to take?

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