Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiddly bits and then some

I like fiddling... with minatures. Right now I am in the process of converting some models to be Dark Angel Veterans...

Tonight I re-ignited my love of conversion, using bits from three decades of marines to make these veterans, Combi-plasma guns and storm shields yeah its going to be an expensive unit about 65 points a model and Im hoping that the weapon configuration will be available in the next codex it seems likely that it will as its in the SM codex. So it shouldn't change.... I hope.  

Some pictures will follow at some point unpainted to show you how many different generations of Space Marine kits are involve All the way from Rogue Trader to current kits, from plastic to metal and back to plastic no Finecast though.

So my Potshot from the Hill do you like converting and what as been your most epic conversion?

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  1. I'm beginning to like it. I never had the wallet to consider it before as it wasn't easy to get hold of extra bits 'Back in the Day' and buying a whole new Box of something just to get some bits seemed excessive But now after I got a Banshee Model for last Christmas and I converted her into a High Elf Sorceress the bug has bitten me. I’ve now also made up a Company Champion out of spare bits and the Crimson Fists Command Bits