Sunday, November 4, 2012

Betrayal: Act one

Using the Forge World book Horus Heresy Book 1 Betrayal seems like a good idea. So on top of the current campaign a few of us are going to go hammer and tongs with Betrayal and see how that goes....

Im not going to talk about the book itself but after xmas Im going to find the monry for my own copy of the 70 quid book... Its shiny...

Ive only listened to the first HH audio book, which is a good listen but seeing its about the Lunar wolves... Pre-heresy and you just know whats coming and its going to end badly at some point. So I am going to play Loyalist Lunar wolves/Sons of Horus because it is going to end badly.

So my pot shot for today is who's side will you be on the Emperor's or Horus'?


  1. ON the emporers side, but I want him to ascend and bring about teh era of teh Star Childe

  2. I stand with the Sons of Dorn. Oh and Nic, I have all the Horus Heresy Novels (appart from the limited eds) if you want to borrow them