Friday, October 12, 2012

Reinforcements arring Sir! part 2

I've been a bit slack... ok a lot slack about updating this thing, However as promised I will get into the nitty gritty of my phat loot... and why you should never pay Australian retail unless you really want it right fething now, aka impulse buy luckily for GW I have those alot.

So my way part of of the shipping was about $10
Land raider Crusader $58ish rrp $110
Dark Vengeance box $77ish rrp $180 that price was contingent on 5 boxes, which we did.
Psychic cards $10ish rrp $18
3 x landspeeders at $23ish each rrp $50
Drop pod $29ish $55 rrp
what I paid $243 vs rrp $503

And so because of the bulk buying power while shipping all up was just under $80 split that between all of us we saved just over 50-60%.

My understanding is that the place I get it from is viable for the US as well as they have much cheaper shipping or free I wasnt paying attention. Refer to part one as to where to go. There are others and especially on ebay and in the web in general, Bitz places (where you purchase the specific bits for your models and pay a modest .... heh... mark up instead of buying a whole box for one part like I did purchasing a whole SM command box just for the banner at RRP because I wanted it right then and there)

Online retailers can normal get you approximately 15% off here in australia that is normally chewed up by postage unless you order big at which point you may as well go to the US save and extra 35% and wait the extra week and a bit.

I dont have a potshot this morning its too early.

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