Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Off with their heads or putting you heads together.... litterally

Australian Sci Fi wargaming models is perhaps not a term you hear often. But I'm getting involved in a Only war Campaign which is the Imperial Guard version of Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, and so on and the group decided to do an ANZAC regiment with the feel and the style of circa 1915-18..
Which means I need different heads rather than standard IG heads So I searched all over the interwebz and came across Victoria Miniatures and Vic is awesome and gave me free stuff when I ordered some Brodie helmets (British Tommy steel helmets, I had to look it up) And she assures me she is in the process of making the Anzac style Slouch hats I will do a review of the heads and extra bits when I get my camera and gear set up. But she doesn't do them now and so I had to get some from a polish company (why the hell is a polish company doing anzac head and how did they know there was a market for them?) called again when I get the camera sorted out and they get here I will do a review. I'm going to be the Heavy weapons bloke and doing the bulging biceps trick except you cant find one in the IG Special character Sgt Harker that doesn't have the right head or face that Im looking for. It just occurred to me that I haven't had confirmation that my delivery has beeen posted. Right after a quick visit to gmail and I'm back. I love coverting minis and I'm looking forward to customising the cadian bodies with Anzac heads and tyring to figure out how to make a SM Heavy bolter go on a Imp Guard figure. So my Potshot from the hill  what do you like doing more the painting or the customisation?

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