Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mission Randomness or winning and killing arent the same thing

Appologies my health is not so shiny at the moment and so Ive not been updating this too much. I think its taken me a week to punch this out.

This post covers both Fantasy and 40K and the vagueries of the random missions. I'd like to point out I don't do competitions so I have no idea about how tournaments work out, this is just for friendly games. In short its about covering you bases...

Right so in the current 6th and 8th editions respectively you have random missions so you dont know what youre going to get.

In the WFB campaigns, both of them infact people did whinge mightily about how they lost because of the damned mission/scenario Blood and glory is particularly harsh against Demons as I understand they dont get banners... other than a BSB, Ive not look at an up to date daemon Army book since I think 2nd ed (when it was all chaos) but the point is take armies that will cover all the possiblities. For WFB take as many banners as you can, and a unit of 20 core. For 40K take alot of scoring units and try to also take one infantry fast attack and heavy so no matter what mission you can have another scoring unit. Both 6th Ed and 8th ed are more tactical rather than the hard smash of Kill point 5th ed.

My rule of thumb for 40K (I may have said this before) is 2 scoring units for the first 500 points and one for every 500 points after that and it seems to be winning me more games than not.

With Fantasy battle Im trying for 2 banners per thousand... with high elves its hard.

So my potshot today what sort of ratios do you have in your armys and do they work?


  1. I think you have to look at the gamble of taking a Specialist Army and potentially getting Screwed by the Mission, or taking a Generic Core / Troop heavy army and doing well in the Mission (and I can’t speak for all the Missions) and having your opponent get the Perfect mission for their Current Build.

    Another factor to consider is how good are your Core / Troop choices and what Options do they come with.

    I’m Currently looking at what my Scout Marines can mean for my Drop Pod (with either Sternguard, +Kantor or a Dreadnought in it) or Terminators, or what Rangers can do for me

  2. I cant help you there my scouts arent scoring as they are elite not troop, How do scouts help drop pods? Ive not fought eldar since 2nd ed but all the eldar players reckon rangers are awesomesauce.

    1. If I remember correctly Scouts have a Locator Beacon

  3. They be having a teleport homer for Terminators to drop with in six inches of the homer doesnt do anything for drop pods. Drop pods have their own inertial guidence. They do not be mixing.