Thursday, October 18, 2012

Liar Liar Pants on fire....

So there was this 40K tournament in Florida, Beaky-con and some guy was caught cheating using loaded dice on the first roll that mattered (deployment) The story can be found...

here at Faeit212. It didn't start there, the links are at Faeit212... Its got a life of its own now, internet hate and all that. While lots of people are trying to be fair and say "what about intent?" I say "the guy was caught cheating using loaded dice on the first roll that mattered (deployment)" Apparently he was disqualified from the tournament and that player who discovered him was awarded full points for the game. Had I been the Tournament Organiser I would have given the cheater's first two opponents full points as well.

Cheating is not cool.

Any kind of game (and I do mean any type of game be it Tabletop, Larp, RPG, online... not just Casual vs tournament) is a social contract to play by the rules, it doesnt matter if you have house rules or tournament comp rules or just the basic rules out of the book. You as a player have an obligation to play by the agreed set of rules. You are also responsibile for your equipment that you bring to the game.

I have one of the 6 sided dice that has all fives on it... I dont bring it to game I ensure that it stays.. where ever the hell it is in my house and doesnt sit anywhere near my gaming table, because of the social obligation to not delibrately cheat in the games I play. Accidently cheating is mostly avoidable just by knowing the rules but sometimes you get it just simply get it wrong, appologise and move on.

Getting accused of cheating is not fun either. I have some sympathy for the guy (not very much because he was caught red handed) as I have been accused of cheating.

The last Fantasy Battle campaign I played at someones house I brought with me my box containing my high elf bits and bobs that I was using at the time including old army lists (gotta love army builder) before the game started I discovered I had a math fail with the extra points I got with the campign I made it abundantly clear to my opponent that this had happened and I was sorry and I was going to drop one magic item and one spearmen to lose the 50 points I was over.... they accepted this and we played the game... I managed a draw because I forgot about building and stubborn. Several other people from the campaign were watching the game. Any who we packed up  and what I didnt realise is that I had left one of my old army list which was very similar to the one I had played but not exactly because I wanted to try magic item that I ironically had to take off because of over points. It was discovered by someone who had watched the game. Found that the magic item was not on the list that and assumed I was cheating ... yay... not... so they dont send me an email to enquire what was going on, they get another person involved who was also watching the game to get them to accuse me of cheating... who really didnt want to be involved... and I was like WTFrak? I angsted over a week before sending the amy list that I had intended to play and the one I had actually played and then it was cool... I should have just sent the off in the first place. But the person who accused me of cheating, I still dont know who it is and I asked through the referee that I get an appology. Its been over six month closer to twelve months and still no appology. Really unimpressed...

Remember the whole social contract thing? playing a game or in this case a campiagn means that if you have conflict that you act like adults and talk to the person if they get dramatic about it then bring in a referee. This could have been solved with a two mintue conversation.

I need to go and celebrate someones birthday. No Potshot today.

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