Monday, October 1, 2012

Keeping your eye on the ball

Wow Tau are nasty with sixth Ed.

I had a game within the campaign frame work I need to win to progress my team. My team is called "They live" although our nick name is Team "Nom noms" owing to the team captain playing Tyranids. So the team captian and I swapped army lists beat them up wrung them out and finally came to (what I thought) a finaly tuned list....

I stopped playing before Tau showed up during third? edition and only played them once in 5th edition a campaign game and wiped by turn three so I din't get a feel for them. The dice were just appalling for the bloke, nothing of my brilliance just his bad dice... So in short I have no tactical experience with Tau.

So the mission was relic and the squished board, going long ways. I think this crippled my freedom of movement. Two ravenwing squadrons were squished into 4ft frontage I ended up with one out 12 bikes by the end of turn 6, but it held onto the relic so it won me the game 5-1. Samael as a the hq made them troop.
The game was 1500 points.

Troops are the game winners not the heavy or fast attack choices sure Heavy  and Fast attack will do specific things but the only Troops will take objectives which will win you the game. I think that 1 troop choice per 500 points as a minimum helps you win games by taking the objectives as objectives of the utmost importance in 6th edition.

The Tau player only took the 2 minimum troop choices and not mechanized and they were fire warriors and never even close to crossing the centreline and therefore getting to the relic until turn five. His army was designed to kill mine. Whilst I planned to take the objectives, I took bikes as troops and some allied scouts as troops, which could roam far ahead and score objectives. Sure my troops were able to butcher the Tau in close combat but that wasnt my primary design of the army.... well except for the Heavy Plasma Devastator Squad :)  In short keeping my eye on the ball. I think that won me the game.

Mechanized troops choices and mechanized denial units are going to be the game winners in sixth edition. 

So my Potshot from the hill is what ratio of Troop choices do think works in this brave new world of 6th ed?

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