Friday, October 12, 2012

I suggest a new strategy R2... let the Wookie win

Ok So I may have seen Star wars (4, 5 and 6) a few time... hence all the quotes as titles.

Anyway this stories is about a ten year old boy who loves Warhammer Fantasy Battle and the same one that Ive been playing at warhammer and drawing against. His mother coughed up in the orgy of spending, a new Dark Vengeance Box set for her boy. I went around to their house and and dropped off their phat loot. He's never played before...

This really should have been titled "How to get someone into to the hobby" The ten year old is already in the hobby and has a nicely painted orc and gobbo army. but he didnt have a clue about 40K so we ripped opent the boxed ... he was drooling at the minatures and I suggested we play the first scenario (chaos vs the Hell brute) I explained what need to be done and he won. He sacrificed both Cultist unists to get the Chosen into position and through shear good dice rolls charged and shut the hellbrut down first go. His comment was "I can't believe I didnt think that this was good." To seal the deal I took his mother's Sister of battle with a few Dark Angels as proxies and he took my some of my DV Dark angels (Termies and bikes) I cheated... the points were in his favour and took no special weapons I did take an exorcist as the mother had one... you can imagine... I was wiped and now he likes 40K alot.

So My Potshot From the Hill is "So how do you intorduce someone to table top?"


  1. Just Like that Nic, thats a Perfect way to introduce someone in

    1. Thanks Rach is ten yeah :)