Monday, October 1, 2012

Finishing jigsaw puzzles

Or another way of saying Im sick of Dark Vengeance. I've just completed putting together 3 sets of dark angels from the DV Boxset. Yay I have more ravenwing and more death wing hmmm more tactical marines, what they hell am I going to do with more Librarians and more captains??? Im not going to put up pics surely by now you've seen the DV models through myriad

But suddenly I have an idea...

Ive been toying around with Veteran squads mentally and having a power weapon and combibolter it seems like an interesting idea using them as a veteran squad instead of HQs and the same goes for the Librarians... Turn into them "allies" using grey knight rules painting them up as DA Librarians and so they can be a "Brotherhood of Psykers" I have enough Librarians in Power armour and Terminator armour to do have a "grey knight" contingent is kinda sad.

So my pot shot from the hill what whacky allies construct have you thought of or model combination "counts as"?

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