Monday, September 10, 2012

The 6th Ed First FAQs are out

If you didn't know the FAQs came out for every army I'm concentrating on Dark Angels as that is what I am playing this campaign two bits that are interesting.

First off Samiael's Landspeeder is now officialy two hull points. I was hoping for three (but I wasn't holding my breath just look what they did to Ezekiel lvl 1 my ar....) and the second bit was actually joy Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnoughts are now WS 5 BS 5 hurrah!

So potshot from the hill what were the wins and losses for your army when the FAQ came out?


  1. I do Wonder what Fallen Angel stuff will be in the New Codex

  2. :P Im hoping with the rumoured Chaos and Dark angels due by years end one of them will have some more about the fallen