Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some weeks are just fail

Things tm have not been going according to plan such as wallet theft and what not... I hate what not...

Hopefully this will not continue with my next campaign fight this time vs the Tau.

Yeah so having learnt lessons from the bitter defeat of the last game mostly through my ignorance of the new rules I have endeavoured to rectify this and I think what Australians call a filthy list. Hey I could be wrong but everything is designed to get my army in to close combat by turn 2... Assuming it survives first turn.... Playing Dark Angels you rely normally on your shooting but maybe its the opponents that Ive been facing but the shooting isnt working out for me butchering things in close combat is normally where the win is since sixth ed happened. CC termies do make a mess of most things...

Im finding it painfully obvious that the 4th Ed Dark Angel codex is out of date, my wins so far have been making less mistakes than the other guy and people whinging about scoring teleporting first turn troop terminators... Rumours have it saying Deathwing wont even need Belial to be troops.

So what do the Dark Angels need to be awesome again?
Tactical reasons to take the stuff that we dont/can't

Scouts yes ours are "awesome" with W/BS 4 and that makes them Elite at the moment which makes them compete for slots with Deathwing and Dreadnaughts. As mentioned previously the FAQ gave us venerable dreds with W/BS 5 hurrah... So Scouts need to have access to Teleport homers and a way to make them troops i.e. a special character.

The (special) characters need to be upgraded to have stat lines in line with the SM codex. My bitterness is eternal for Eziekiel is only level one psyker the only thing Im happy about is that we get some powers that the SM don't although I will bitch about this after Saturday.

Plasma is in the fluff some special rules would be nice (apparently they are coming)

Vehicle squadrons for which ever slot they take up. This would bring them into line with Epic fluff though Im not going to hold my breath.

Being able to take Land raiders as dedicated transports would be lovely too.

Flyers and Flakk options again rumours that we are getting them and in Novenmber too. At teh moment we are restricted to allies and defensive structures for flying and anti flying.

Apparently we are getting Sternguard and Vanguard... great more to fill up elite slots. Ive found a dirty tactic that Im going to try one day with vetrans because I dont usually do things like that.

Having access to some BS 5 things would be nice as the fluff says we are a shooting army lets make it more shooty.

So my pot shot from the hill is what would you change in you codex?

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