Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nothing you can do about bad dice rolls

I haven't been posting because my birthday was Friday and I've been busy all weekend partying, playing warhammer and watching anime with cute women, frankly awesome and made some new friends.

So I managed a draw on Thursday night, high elves vs orcs and goblins.

Took two archer units and only manage to 1 wound between the two of them and that was in HtH combat. My Sword master unit (I warned my opponent not to charge them on the front) manage to kill enough to come back to a draw. He charged my Sword masters in the front on the last turn and lost both the boar boyz and the spider riders except for the war boss.

Saturday I was feeling confident about the list in the previous post untill I started rolling dice and then it went down hill from there. Tactically I made mistakes with not knowing the rules wound allocations and USR Slow and purposeful, they can't over watch I would have butchered the Thousand sons had I charged them but I was too cautious with the Psyker divination spell on them can shoot overwatch with their normal BS and AP3 bolter rounds ouch I'll charge the berserkers instead thanks. Should have charged the Thousand sons because they couldn't overwatch. Forgetting to fire the Devastator squad one turn didnt help either.

So Potshot from the Hill? What Universal Special Rule or the Fantasy Battle equivilent have you stuffed up?

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