Friday, September 14, 2012

Fly casual but not too casual

So I said I would write something about the campaigns.

The first one I came in on the second turn and was starting a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle (8th Ed.) to me and used the Mighty Empires abstract rules... a new army for me didn't help. I was thrashed most of the time. To the point of that if I lost one round my captial would be eaten and would lose the game. I didnt lose that one by a sqeaker. Someone eventually got enough empire points and won. A good time was had by all I think there were about 10 people involved.

Word had gotten around and the next campaign was more deliberate. Again Fantasy Battle, we decided to have a more considered approach and more players and there were going to be 6 teams and four players on each. Yeah 24 players oh yeah. Each player had to have one game a month and possibly more. Im not going into the because frankly I cant remember them. We had copius amounts of fun. Why did we have fun? because the rules that we used were for casual gamers who had lives and could only manage one game a month. There were tactics to be had but nothing harsh or tricky. Over the 6 months, out of the 24 people only one dropped out entirely, sure people dropped games but thats what team mates are for to pick up games when you can't and vice versa.

So when it comes to organising campaigns don't get too complicated. Otherwise it people will spit it and the campaign will fall by the wayside.

Its four am my time no potshot today.

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