Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fantasy Battle Campaign postscript

So my gaming group had a second Warhammer fantasy battle campaign based on Mighty Empires.

24 people in six teams... yeah pretty epic... And the three people I most wanted to play against ... were my team mates... But we agreed to play a 2 on 2 at the campaign's end... it ended in May we didn't totally suck... we fought for the wooden spoon and didnt get it hurrah! (Just in time to start a 6th ed campaign of W40K but thats a story for another post.) Its now September and we've finally got motivated to play it. 2500 points each, random team assignment on the day. My High Elves and I think Warriors of Chaos, Ogres and Orc/Goblins, which mean its likely Im going to be suspicious of my allies. Having played enough multiplayer 8th ed WFB thats going to suck...

So my Potshot from the Hill is Do you enjoy multplayer games?

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